Vladvin: Dr. Boom

So I was flying around Netherstorm doing some herbing and I decided to go do some experiments with Dr. Boom. I’ve never done anything with this guy… let me say, he is really cool! Perfect for testing shot rotations and specs! Here’s what I did:

  • I used my normal shot rotation (SW:P Rank 1 until 5 stacks of Shadow Weaving, VT-SW:P-DP-MB-SW:D after that recast MB and SW:D when CD’s are up and reapply SW:P when it runs out.
  • I continued until I ran out of mana
  • I was competly unbuffed 

Here’s some #’s:

  • Current Spec 20/0/41 without cutting MF when cooldowns come up – 790 DPS, 807 DPS
  • Current Spec 20/41 with cutting MF when cooldowns com up – 780 DPS
  • Old Spec 14/0/47 with out cutting MF when cooldowns come up – 870 DPS, 860 DPS

Dr.Boom isn’t a raid boss and isn’t raiding conditions, but it seems fairly cut and dried… my previous spec gives more DPS, despite what I observed previously.  Why did I think my DPS had improved?  I wasn’t using any hard data.  I was simply comparing myself to another player.  I’m guessing he had an off night and I had a good one so that despite the difference in specs we evened out.  Now that I’ve done some expirementation I think I can safely say that my old spec was better for DPS for me.  I will say that with the 20/0/41 spec I seemed to have more longevity with the reduced mana cost, but I think I’ll take the 60-80 DPS instead!

As you may have noticed, I also did some testing with MF and clipping the end off.  I wasn’t able to complete that part of the test, but it seems to be that despite what Elitest Jerks and Shadowpriest.com say, it is not better to cut MF when your MB and SW:D cooldowns come up.  I plan on doing some testing on that one before I put it to rest though.

Before I close this post, a small disclaimer.  What works for me may not work for you.  I highly encourage this kind of testing to see what spec/gear/rotation will work best for the way YOU play.  The eternal caveat, be sure you’re having fun! 

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3 Comments on “Vladvin: Dr. Boom”

  1. bruthah Says:

    But, where are the Damage Done numbers? It would seem like the reduced mana costs would increase damage done, even if it was a damage-per-second dropoff.


    100 damage in 1 second is 100 DPS.
    400 damage in 8 seconds is 50 DPS.

    However, if you’re OOM after 100 damage – I’ll take the 50!

    Not invested really, but I always like to have all the data in front of me, when I’m messing with these things and I bet you do too.

  2. Kirk Says:

    one point re longevity… Longevity’s value depends on duration of the fight – maybe.

    IF – big if – the fight lasts long enough to take you OOM, then your total damage may be increased by the higher longevity spec, despite the fact that its instant damage (dps) is less.

    As always, your mileage, and more importantly your FUN, may vary.

  3. Vladvin Says:

    I didn’t get that data, but I doubt it was enough to make a big difference, see my note to Kirk. For completness-sake if I may go back and look at the data… I don’t have the gold laying around for a respec atm. Too much new gear needs to be enchanted; a problem I don’t mind having btw!

    I definatley agree! My gear is at the point where I can last through anything using pots and my SF (assuming I manage the cooldowns properly). Kael and Vashj are the longest fights I’ve encountered so far and I can last through both just fine.

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