Vladvin: Shadow Specs

Since there were many of you curious about the change in my spec, here they are.  I’d love to tell you why my DPS has gone up but I haven’t got a clue.  I’m just going to be happy that it worked 🙂

Current Spec

Old spec

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7 Comments on “Vladvin: Shadow Specs”

  1. Trollin' Says:

    Your old spec is the one I run with. 10% SW:P and SW:D… That’s what? 50 mana off Pain and 25-ish off Death?

    What’s your normal rotation for dps? VT>SWP>MB>SWD>MF>MF?

    I can’t see how that would increase dps at all… I can see where it would increase longevity in a VT>SWP>MF rotation, but MB and SWD are a lot of dps when you have a lot of spell damage and the 15% crit from shadow power is really nice…

    I honestly have no idea… *shrugs*

  2. Vladvin Says:

    I’m right there with ya… the reduction in the MD cooldown and increased crit for MB & SW:D would seem to be a higher DPS spec. Not sure why my #’s are higher.

    I find steady shot rotations to be very dificult with the cooldowns. I start with VT-SW:P-SW:D-MB then MF until a cooldown comes up or a DOT expires.I usually get about 1.5 MF’s in and then reapply VT and MB, then another MF and SW:D is up. I just basically cast/reappy when the cooldowns are up and MF when I have nothing else to do.

  3. Moleculor Says:

    You -shouldn’t- be getting higher DPS with that spec. Period. Not unless DPS means something other than ‘damage per second’ or you reversed those links. What are you using to measure DPS? Maybe the algorithm involved is broken? You certainly -are- going to be doing higher steady healing (though potentially a similar amount of healing over all.)

    Now, damage per -mana-? That might’ve gone up a bit there.

  4. Vladvin Says:

    I’m using SWStats to measure my damage output, and the links are correct. Like I’ve said… I don’t get it. The other SPriest is fairly consistent with his damage and I used to be about 50% of his damage, now I’m with in 5%. Nothing changed but the spec.

    I think I’m going to do some Dr. Boom and see what kind of results I get there. If anyone has any other specs they’d like to see me try, send me a link and I’ll test them.

  5. Kirk Says:

    Vladvin – The short answer is that it’s probably timing. If you were ONLY doing MB-MF-MF-(repeat), your old spec would be better. Well, maybe not – you might be clipping. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that’s part of the problem. The last third of MF damage ticks on the end of the third second. One millisecond too soon and you’ve cut the MF damage by a third. But I digress.

    The real problem is all those other spells you’re tucking into the sequence – VE and VT, SW:P and SW:D… They each eat up a second and a half (cast or GCD), and they force an unplanned delay in your sequence. It’s counter-intuitive, but it seems to work that way.

    Try a pen and paper exercise. Write out your sequence for the first 30 or so seconds – a minute if you can stand the tedium. Do it for both casting sequences. Yes, include all the spells you cast. Now add the respective damage. PROBABLY you’ll discover the timing issue on paper.

    FWIW, my optimal I:MB was 2/5. Faster or slower gave me lower DPS. But it depends on gear and playstyle, so YMMV.

  6. Bylebog Says:

    My “best” rotation is VE while running, then Vamp Touch> SW:Death > Mind Flay>Mind Blast>SW:Pain>Mind Flay x2. By then the VT timer is up and so is the CD on SW:Death. Then it’s pretty much rinse/repeat. The only thing that doesn’t really fit the sequence is SW:Pain, which I refresh as needed, and Devouring Plague, which I toss up instead of a Mind Flay or SW:Death.

    Could I come up with a better rotation? Sure. But it’d be longer and the spells wouldn’t “fit” together as nicely, at least for myself.

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