Vladvin: We Are Now BT Attuned!!!

Kael’thas down…  Rage Winterchill down…  I am now BT attuned.  We walked in the door just to see the inside, it looks wicked!

Just a quick update, I have to go fix my water heater now, it’s leaking 😦

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3 Comments on “Vladvin: We Are Now BT Attuned!!!”

  1. HandyPriest Says:

    Gratz! Did you only downed Rage Winterchill or the other bosses of Hyjal too?

  2. Vladvin Says:

    Rage took us several tries and we had already been raiding for 6 hours. We were all ready to quit for the night. I think we’ll get the other early bosses this week

  3. handypriest Says:

    Hehe, yea I know what you mean. Raiding long in the night can be tiresome, especially if its always against the same boss over and over.

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