Vladvin: New Spec

It amazes me what 5 talent points can do…

The other SPriest that usually raids with us has been grinding me into the dust on the damage meters.  At first I thought it was gear, but we were talking #’s the other day and we’re comparable now.  I’ve got all the Tailoring epics and he’s got a mix of T4 and T5.  Both of us have the usual smattering of Badge, Kara, and other raid gear.  So I took a look at his talents… he’s got 5 more points in Disc than I do and about 4 of the remaining points in Shadow are different.  I got tired of having 1/2 the damage with similar gear so I matched his spec.  I really don’t get it but it works.  I was within about 5% of him instead of the usual 50% below.  I’ll post both specs when I get home tonight since I can’t do it from work.

I’m totally baffled but I’m not going to argue with a 45% increase in damage.  I think it’ll be even more when I get used to the differences in spell rotation.

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  1. handypriest Says:

    I’m thinking too of respeccing Disc/Shadow (Im full shadow right now) to be able to do arena and PvP while doing Kara’s. Il prolly go halfway into both spec, Shadow until Silence and Discipline until Reflective shield. But I’m surprised that 5 more points in Disc can give such an increase in dmg. Can’t wait till I see your specs.

  2. Vladvin Says:

    I don’t think the increase in damage came from Disc, I just went 5 points farther to get the one that decreases the mana cost of instant spells (and I did feel the difference!) The difference in damage came from moving a few points around in the Shadow tree.

    If you are a SPriest that’s raiding you need to keep 41 points in Shadow to get VT. It’s the primary reason you’re in a raid. If you’re not able to be a mana battery you’re just weak DPS in cloth. I hope I’m not being too brutal here, but I strongly discourage giving up the bottom tiers in the Shadow tree.

  3. Bylebog Says:

    I normally raid Shadow, but spent quit a bit of time healing Kara and such so we could have raids going(Kara/ZA) and let the main healers have time off. After the month or so healing I dropped almost 200 dps. I was shocked and dismayed. I had to change my mods and start actively watching my cooldowns and my DoTs again. It’s like learning all over. Finally broke 800 on Gruul again. I out damaged but not out DPS’d our imba Ele Shaman and snatched the HKM belt on along the way. Not wasting global cooldown helps. But, you’re pretty much just keeping VT+SW:P up, keeping Mind Blast on cooldown, SW: Death when you’re not going to stress healer mana or threat from VE and then Flaying. Not wasting the global cooldown is very important. I run your typical 14/0/47 spec, little changes here or there for maxing my +crit vs Imp VE for when threat won’t be an issue and the cross healing on my group will help.

    I don’t personally see Mental Agilty being all that great. If you’re weighing the discount on SW:D+SW:P vs the crit on SW:D and MB… I would go crit every time for the “Free” mana back, every time. If you’re over the +hit cap and have points to spare from speccing out of Shadow Focus, I want your conundrum.

    And yes, I am broke(having around @500g) all the time. And now I have to honor farm for another 12 spell power gem. PvP in PvE gear makes for a sad S Priest.

  4. Cheetara Says:

    Isn’t this like CRAZY? I am sometimes just blown away wit the talent point and how they can change things! I am constantly amazed at how much changing on little talent group around can make it a completely different game! But, i ust say… glad you pwn now 😛

  5. Khorium Says:

    Hey there! I’d be interested in actually seeing the two specs you are referencing above – I’ve got some discouraged Shadow Priests in my guild who aren’t sure it the spec is viable past Kara.

  6. Bylebog Says:

    Found your spec on warcrafter, I think. I linked to myself on warcrafter, we’re about the same place gear-wise I believe. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the Mental Agility, but I might try it some time.

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