Boss Tactics: Opera Event – Big Bad Wolf

All of the Opera encounters tend to be a little crazy and hectic. Big Bad Wolf (BBW) is no exception, but it’s a lot of fun!

Encounter Mechanics


Unlike the other Opera events, this one does not automatically start when the curtain goes up. You’ll see “Grandmother” and talk to her to start the event.


In phase 1 BBW is a basic tank-n-spank with a fear (Terrifying Howl). Because of that, Warriors make better tanks for this encounter, but aren’t necessary. Fear Ward and Tremor Totems can help. Terrifying Howl is also dispellable.


The best placement for the group and tank are shown above (click for a larger image). Have ranged stand in the yellow circle and tank BBW in the other corner where the yellow arrow is pointing.

In phase 2 BBW will turn one of the raid members into Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH). The LRRH debuff, silences and makes you unable to attack but increases run speed by 50%. When there is a LRRH, BBW will attack that person with out regard to aggro. Since this person has a 50% run speed increase they can simply run away (he will 1 or 2 shot anyone but a tank). When you become LRRH run around the edge of the room (as shown by the green arrows), and BBW will follow. Make sure to run along the perimeter of the room but don’t touch the walls as they will slow you down. Since he takes a direct path you want to make sure he doesn’t cut corners and close the distance. If you pause for a brief second at each corner, he’ll get close enough that he won’t cut the corner but still won’t be able to hit you. If you have the tank and ranged positioned properly, BBW has to run across the front of the stage to get to LRRH, giving him/her time to respond and start running away.

During the LRRH phase the tank needs to chase BBW and continue to build threat so that he returns to the tank when he’s done chasing LRRH. Rogues can Vanish and Hunters can Feign Death when they become LRRH and will not be chased by BBW, they must stay stealthed/dead until the debuff wears off. However it can be resisted, check out BRK’s video and have yourself a little laugh :-).  Since there is no magic damage, Mages can use Amplify Magic.

BBW is relatively squishy with 380k HP. The trick is to survive. Give LRRH every little bit of help you can; Power Word: Shield, Earth Shield, Blessing of Protection, and Intervene should all be used to help keep LRRH alive. However, don’t be too quick to call a wipe; as I said he’s squishy. I’ve seen 3 hunters finish off the last 15% of him without a healer. Their pets took turns tanking!  It was hilarious… there are screenshots.

Key Players

Warrior tanks are the best for Berserker Rage, but it can be done without them.

Shadow Priest Specifics from Vladvin

When BBW is chasing LRRH around, he will run out of Mind Flay range.  I like to move to the middle of the room so I can DPS the whole time and return to the corner during phase 1.  If you are the only Priest, put a shield up on LRRH and give the tank a Fear Ward at the begining of the fight. 

Holy Priest Specifics from Galadria

As previously mentioned, Shield LRRH and give the tank Fear Ward everytime the cooldown is up.  Cancel cast Greater Heal on LRRH while s/he is running around.  This way your big heal will hopefully land quickly after the damage lands and LRRH won’t be killed.

Priest Loot

Object of the Encounter

These fights aren’t very dificult.  They’re usually chaotic, but fun.  If I could say one thing these fights teach you not to panic.  Roll with what happens and be flexible.  You just have to be able to get through them to get in the back door to take on Curator!


I think this one may have been done before, but it’s a good movie!

“Why should I sail with any of you? Four of you have tried to kill me in the past… one of you succeeded. “

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  1. Vyndree Says:

    This is one fight I’m truly afraid of from a multiboxer’s perspective. Having to react instantly when a character gets LRRH and running around using only mouse movement is not going to be easy.

    Let’s hope my next few Kara runs are all Romulo&Julianne / Oz.

  2. Lady-Jess Says:

    Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds end, good ol’ captain Jack!

    We haven’t gotten BBW yet, alwats Oz or Will and Grace…err R&J:P

  3. Vladvin Says:


    Will and Grace! LOL, that’s awesome =D

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