Vladvin: OP’ed Kara

We ran just about the strangest Kara ever last night.  1 Prot Pally, 2 Ret Pallys, 1 Holy Pally (yep 4 of those Blood Elf fools), 2 Resto Shammys, 1 BM Hunter, 1 Warlock, 1 Mage (who got replaced by another BM hunter after Shade). and yours truly.  The only person who was on level for the raid was the Holy Pally, hence the OP’ed comment!  It was an interesting night, most of these players are very skilled and we just tore through everything.  One tank for the entire run.  The leader asked one of the Ret Pally’s to throw on a Shield a couple of times to off-tank and she flatly said no…  I’m Ret.  Let me say that this was all in good humor, we all raid with eachother 4 nights a week; Kara is where we go to farm for badges and let off some steam.  The Prot Pally had never tanked in Kara before and did the whole thing flawlessly.  It was a blast!  We only had one wipe when the Holy Pally moved in the Flame Wreath…  nuff said.  We actually survived a Polymorph after that and got him down to 1% with nothing left but the Ret Pallys, me and the Hunter; no interrupts so he took us down quickly.  Everything else was fairly smooth.

And my stupid Handwraps of Flowing Thought didn’t drop… again…

Maiden strategty later today or tomorow.  Then probably Nightbane after that.

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