Galadria: Shared Topic #1

Shia, who writes Banana Shoulders, over at Blog Azeroth had the great idea for shared blog topics.  The first sugested topic was

What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?

First and formost I love playing Galadria because she is so very pretty!  Primal Mooncloth is gorgeous and it just looks fabulous on the NE model.  I know, I know…  hey, I’m a girl…  I’m allowed to think like that!

For a more serious look at this topic, I’ll give you a little history.  My husband and I started playing WoW because a couple of friends played.  He had thought about starting over Christmas but never got around to buying the game and when he went back to work after the holidays found out that several of his co-workers played WoW.  We bought the game gave it the good-old 10 day trial.  I originally wanted to play a Hunter; the idea of having a pet was very appealing to me.  However, as he usually does, Mr. Galadria stole my idea and said he wanted to be a Hunter; if I said that too I’d just be copying…  Druid was my second choice; shape-shifing sounded really cool too.  Since our friends played Alliance, I had to be a NE and Mr. Galadria rolled NE too.  After playing a little and reading a little and talking a lot, we decide that we need a healer…  look at that, I play a class that can be a healer!  Then I made the mistake of listening to some forum trolls that said Druids would be mediocre at anything they tried to do because they’re hybrids, and guess what Priests are the best healers…  Druid abandoned, Priest rolled.  Eventhough the reasons were crappy, I still think the move to a Priest was better for me.  I love having a spell for absoutley ANY situation.  I need a heal, Binding Heal on tank and heal both of us.  Entire group needs a heal, Prayer of Healing.  Bad tank and I’m having aggro problems, cast Frisbee every time the cooldown is up.  Mage AOE’ing and pulling lots of aggro, Shield, Renew and spam Flash Heal.  If we’ll be stationary, throw out a Lightwell and let people heal themselves.  I get to heal after I’ve died for cryin’-out-loud!  There is a tool in my toolbox for any situation.

In short, why do I enjoy playing a Priest?  Versatility.  I can do just about anything!

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6 Comments on “Galadria: Shared Topic #1”

  1. HandyPriest Says:

    Nice article. I like the little back story about the Galadria family! I have a similar blog that talk about priests but from my Shadow angle of view (Nothing as epic as Vladvin of course 🙂 ). Did you ever had a couple of levels you played a shadow spec? Or you were holy from 1-70?

  2. Galadria Says:

    I leveled Shadow until about 60. Since Mr. Galadria was about 20 levels ahead of me I spent most of my leveling trying to catch up with him. We started getting serious about instancing around the time I hit 60 so that’s when I went Holy.

    Give me the URL for your blog so I can add you to the blogroll (and my feed reader!)

  3. handypriest Says: Don’t be too harsh on me, as this is my first blog I am a bit disoriented right now. Tell me what you think about it 😉

  4. Galadria Says:


    Go check out Matticus’ post on the 9 things every blog should have (, you need a way for readers to contact you! I’ll shoot you an e-mail with the address you registered your comments under, good start though!

  5. Scarpia Says:

    OMG. this is like the fifth blog ive come across menttioning couplescraft where the impatient hubby can’t wait and the spousal class ends up playing catchup. There must be a psych profile somewhere in this : )

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