Boss Tactics: Moroes

The next boss after Attumen is Moroes.  After you go up the stairs becareful of the single mobs that patrol the perimeter of the room.  The entire room doesn’t need to be pulled, just enough to get you into Moroes’ room on the left. 

Encounter Mechanics


Moroes is a single phase fight with 4 adds.  There are several ways to deal with the adds. They can be Shackled for the length of the fight; I recommend one target for each Priest in the raid (even if they are healers). A Rogue can Evasion tank and 2 can do it without ever taking damage. A skilled hunter can chain-trap for the length of the fight (and even kill one on their own). A Warlock can chain fear, but it’s best if that target is picked up and burned down. Lastly they can be off-tanked, which I recommend for one of them.

  • Baroness Dorothea Millstipe (Diamond, we trapped her and she mana burned the hunter on this run, 2nd kill) – Shadow Priest (Mana Burn, Mind Flay, SW:P) – She is the most dangerous of the adds because of the Mana Burn; it will take most of your mana bar.  She is a clothie and dies quickly.  WoWWiki says she doesn’t need a tank, but I prefer to have her tanked to avoid the mana burn.  She is also a prime target for Evasion tanking by a Rogue since she dies quickly.
  • Lady Catriona Von-Indi – Holy Priest (Greater Heal, PW:S, Dispell Magic, Holy Fire) – Also a clothie and dies quickly.  Be sure to have someone interrupt her heals and burn down.  Since she is a caster and a healer I don’t recommend using any CC since the first thing she is likley to do is heal Moroes or another add.  Burn her down and move on.
  • Lady Keira Berrybuck (Skull) – Holy Paladin (Holy Light, Cleanse, Divine Shield, Blessing of Might) – Since she wears plate she will take a while to kill.  Any form of CC will work, she is an excellent target for Shackle.
  • Baron Rafe Dreuger – Retribution Paladin (Hammer of Justice, Cleanse) – He also takes a while to kill and isn’t very dangerous so is a good target for CC.  He will stun his main target so it is important to keep a close watch on him.  He tends to stun and run after a healer so it is important to keep his CC active at all timies.
  • Lord Robin Daris (Star, my Shackle, however I don’t recommend that for an unexpirenced group) – Arms Warrior (Mortal Strike, Whirlwind) – This guy hits hard and because of the MS needs to be killed.  If you have him, he should be 1st or 2nd in the kill order and tanked or chain-trapped and then tanked and killed.
  • Lord Crispin Ference (circle, off-tanked and 3rd kill) – Protection Warrior (Disarm, Shield Bash, Shield Wall) – He doesn’t hit very hard but has high HP and armor.  He is a good choice for an off-tank to use to help generate rage to mantain aggro on Moroes.

(The examples from our run don’t match my recomendations.  Most of the people on the run were in T4 and T5, this was a badge run to get us all Fire Resist gear, and to gear up an up-and-commung hunter.  I do sugest you stick with my recomendations if you are new to the encounter to make things go smoother)

I am most often assigned one of the Pally’s to Shackle, as I mentioned be extra careful with Dreuger as he will stun you and run for a healer.  If we are using a Rogue for evasion tanking, one of the Priests is the best choice.  Either of the warriors make good targets for traping or off-tanking.  Daris however should be killed to avoid the Mortal Strike, Ference is excellent for a “rage battery” for your 0ff-tank.

Moroes, like a good little Rogue, has a few tricks up his sleeve. He will periodically vanish then return to the tank (read no aggro wipe), putting a Garrote on a random party member. This debuff is a 5 min DOT that ticks for 1,000 every 3 seconds. A Pally bubble or Blessing of Protection, Dwarf Stoneform, and Mage Iceblock are the only ways to remove it.  It can be healed through, a Renew from a Priest and HOT from a Druid will usually do the trick. He will periodically Gouge the MT and move to the next person on the aggro list. If you have your OT take the one of the Warriors he will have a constant source of rage (or mana regen for a Pally) to maintain 2nd on Moroes aggro table.

The basic strategy is to use CC where available for the adds and burn down whichever ones that need to be, then all DPS on Moroes. If this fight drags out for too long it can get hairy for the healers to keep up with several Garrotes. It is very important to be below the OT in this fight because Moroes will 1-shot anyone but a tank if he goes anywhere else after Gouging the MT. When Moroes goes down you can either finish off the adds or run out of the room and reset them (it appears that Blizzard may have stealth-patched this, we were not able to reset Moroes after an accidental pull last night, hopefully it was a bug and he is still a boss you can reset).  Once Moroes goes down, the Garrotes go away.

Key Players

As usual, there aren’t any requirements for this fight. Priests make it very easy. Other than that, you just need 2-3 forms of CC; Rogues, Hunters, Warlocks, Priests, and Off Tanks. You can get away with 2 CC if your OT can handle 2.

Shadow Priest Specifics

I’d recommend being grouped with healers (as opposed to mana using DPS’ers) to help out if the fight goes long. Since aggro can be very touchy, I don’t like to keep VE up unless I see that it’s getting tough for the healers.

The main thing to be aware of is your Shackle target. When the tank cocks his gun to pull Moroes (you have a macro right?), start casting, your target should end up around position #1 on the picture (I want you to be able to see the picture, so I’ve left it big and this is a thumbnail, click for the larger immage).


Move to #2 and keep an eye on your range indicator to make sure you’re in range, but far enough away to have some reaction time. Shackle will break early, expect it. I refresh my Shackle about every 15 secs and it usually only gets loose once or twice. Once you get settled, keep your DPS on Moroes and pan your camera so you can see your Shackle target (again a thumbnail).


A few things to notice from this picture.  My shackle (in the green circle) is on the stairs and I am at max range from him (other green circle) yet still in range for Moroes.  In the red box underneath my party on the left side, you will see that I have my target set as my focus so I can use a macro for casting Shackle and not have to switch targets from my DPS target.  Also, what I mentioned in the previous paragraps, my camera is looking in the direction of my Shackle, not Moroes (he’s under the big Hunters Mark on the left)

Holy Priest Specifics

The same things mentioned for the Shadow Priest about Shackle, apply to a Holy Priest.  Use a Focus macro and keep your Shackle in your field of vision. 

In my (Galadria’s) opinion, Heal Priests are best for Off Tank and raid healing in this encounter.  Throw Renew and Prayer of Mending around like they’re candy.  Flash Heal if a little extra is needed.  A Lightwell is unfortunatley not practical.  The most likley source for damage is the Garrote and it will cancel the HOT that a Light well applies, only allowing half (at most) of it’s healing.   

This fight can be mana intensive for healers so you need to manage your cooldowns carefuly.  Save your Shaodwfiend for immediatley after a Vanish to ensure that Moroes doesn’t Vanish while your Shadowfiend is still around.  If you can time it properly, you can get anywhere from 5-15 seconds outside the 5-second rule during a Vanish and regen some mana.

Priest Loot

Object of the Encounter

Moroes will test your raids coordination and planning. Tanking Moroes is not especially difficult and the healing isn’t either if the fight doesn’t go on for too long. The CC needs to be assigned appropriately (no Shackle for Millstipe since she will mana burn you into oblivion for example) and each player assigned to CC an add has to keep track of his target and make sure not to let it kill him or anyone else. All the DPS has to focus fire the adds down quickly so you have time to get Moroes down before you are overtaken by Garrotes. It can be quite hectic until you master the fight. Good communication (and no panicking!) is key.


“Ever fired your gun in the air and yelled, ‘Aaaaaaah?’ “

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  1. I shackle Moreoes at around 30ish seconds anything less and i find Im wasting too much mana and not really helping the fight. – that seems to be enough – we leave my Shackle target to after Moroes and the hunters help chain trap him towards the end when we are concentrating keeping Garotted players and the tank alive – but If in doubt I reshackle and when he vanishes.. sometimes my shacklewatch doesnt register the re-shackle – well thought out guide though! – twas a good read.

  2. Eleanar Says:

    I’ve only just found the blog and am really enjoying reading everything so far so keep up the useful info 🙂

    Oh, and Hot Fuzz 😉

  3. Galadria Says:

    I don’t tend to have mana issues on this one and I prefer to be safe. I’m always expected to Shackle until the end of the fight so I’d rather not push it. I think Vlad probably gets closer to 30 seconds tho since he’s got some spellhit. I could be wrong, but I think spellhit will make a difference in Shackle resists.

    You are correct! I’m glad you are finding the blog helpful!!

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