Boss Tactics: Attumen the Huntsman

I had a billliant idea this morning in the shower!  I was thinking about this post and it occured to me that Galadria and I should collaborate.  She’s going to write some recomendations for a Holy Preist for each boss (and make sure I’m not saying something competly wrong on the other parts!)  We’ll start with the first one you’re likely to encounter, Attumen the Huntsman and his noble steed Midnight.

Encounter Mechanics


The encounter begins when a tank picks up midnight. You can see him up there in the stables.  Phase 1 lasts until Midnight is down by 5%. This first 5% goes very quickly and aggro going into Phase 2 can be touchy so I just wand for the first 5%. No one needs the mana battery and your DOT’s won’t have time to take effect.

(I managed to miss this phase, but I don’t really want to delay posting this article for one screenie so I may add another picture next week)

Phase 2 begins when Attumen spawns. Most groups will need a second tank for Attumen, but if your tank is OP’ed (I’m talking T5 here) they can tank both at the same time. Attumen does a frontal attack so all melee needs to stay behind Attumen and you can have the tank put his back to a wall to turn him away from the raid.  At this point you can DPS Midnight, Attumen or both.  When one gets down to 25%, Attumen will mount Midnight and wipe the aggro table, the resulting health will be equal to the higher of the two when they join.  The picture below is just at the moment when the tank picked up Attumen.


In Phase 3 Attumen will charge a random party member outside of melee range and curses a random party member every 30 secs, decreasing their chance to hit with melee, ranged and spells by 50%.  This should be removed quickly by a Druid or Mage as it can really hurt your DPS. He also continues the frontal cleave.  If you have all ranged stack up behind Attumen he won’t charge (this is not a myth, it works, I’ve done it) but of course you have to watch your threat. If you have a hunter, this is not possible because of range, but he’ll be the only one getting the charge.  Continue DPS until he dies (and never drops Handwraps of Flowing Thought).

Key Players

While there is no one class that is necessary for this encounter, there are a few that make things easier. All of the trash leading up to Attumen is Undead so a Priest or 2 with a Shackle makes the larger trash pulls towards the end easier (don’t forget your Shackle Macro!). A Mage or Caster form Druid to dispell the curse makes the fight go faster as the debuff really hurts your DPS.

Shadow Priest Specifics

There’s nothing specific for the SPriest in this encounter.  Try to time your SW:D for right after a charge so you know you won’t SW:D yourself and immediatley get a charge, which might kill you.  If you are light on healers be sure to keep VE up to help with healing through the charge. This is a relativley short fight so mana consumables aren’t much of an issue (we do this fight in about 1 min 30 sec, my first time in Kara it took 4 or 5 mins). If your group is undergeared and are going a little longer, take a Mana Pot as soon as it will fill your mana bar. Use your SF early in Phase 3 since that’s when you can really open up and burn him down (paying attention to threat of course!).

Holy Priest Specifics

This fight is usually easy on healers (if you have 3).  Keep a Renew on both tanks during Phase 2 and mantain it during Phase 3.  Aggro can be touchy during phase transistions so hold off on heals for a few seconds during pickups.  You can also use the Frisbee to help keep threat off of you.  If you are assigned to heal charges make sure to get them topped off.  It is not uncommon for Attumen to charge the same person twice.

Priest Loot

Object of the Encounter

This encounter is meant to test the gear of your entire raid.  Attumen is not a mandatory fight (as a matter of fact, Curator is the only boss that is REQUIRED in order to move on to further bosses) but it will tell you if your group is ready for the rest of the instance.  As for skill, the only real test is on the tanks.  The transitions between the phases are both aggro dumps.  Your tanks must pick them up promptly or your raid can wipe.

One last note, once you are Honored with the Violet Eye (rep goes really fast in there) you can repair just behind the room that Midnight was in, at an NPC named Koren. There is a large pull in front of him, but it’s worth the trouble to get the easy repair. Waiting for someone to hearth and be summoned back FTL!


Galadria insisted on a movie from this actor seeing his untimley death yesterday:

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Guy: er… nothing…
Girl: Well, we shall cause a sensation, for I shall dress to match.
Guy: [annoyed] Don’t you ever get tired of putting clothes on?
Guy’s friend #1: [whispers] I think she’s talking about taking them off, sir.
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Guy: A flower is good for nothing. You can’t eat a flower, a flower can’t keep your warm…
Girl: And a rose never knocked a man off a horse either.
Guy: You’re just a silly girl arn’t you.
Guy: Better a silly girl with a flower, than a silly man with a horse and a stick…
[she walks away]
Guy’s friend #2: It’s called a lance… hello…

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  1. Bruthah Says:

    Knight’s Tale. Rest in peace, HL. 😦

  2. Vladvin Says:


  3. Zemalf Says:

    Attumen was easy for us from the first run, but dps piling up right behind Attumen, and thus avoiding the charge, made the fight even too easy 🙂

    It’s excellent that you started covering Karazhan with these Boss Tactics and covering both holy and shadow makes it even better!

    Oh and thank you for great blog! I’ve been a daily reader since I specced Holy about a month ago 🙂

  4. Galadria Says:

    Thank-you for the kind words. Comments like this give me warm fuzzies 🙂 I’m glad Vladvin and I have been helpful and I hope we continue to be. Good Luck on your progression!

  5. Bovisrex Says:

    Curator is not the only required boss tp move on, Moroes and Opera are required as well. The opera will not start until Moroes is dead and the back door/ side door wont open until the opera is done. So you can’t do Curator without doing Moroes/Opera.

  6. Vladvin Says:

    I did not know that Opera wouldn’t start until you had killed Moroes, thank-you for that tidbit. However it is possible to get to Curator without going through the back door. You can go around the Opera House, opposite the way you go to get to the stage, and end up at the backdoor. You’d come out under the arched entryway that’s to the right after you enter the back door. This isn’t practical for more than one or 2 attempts on Curator however since it’s a very long walk and has lots of trash.

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