Galadria: Spell Review: Starshards

This is for all you NElf Priests out there! The new Starshards (as of Patch 2.3) rocks!!!!


  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Mana: 0
  • Duration:
  • Cooldown: 30 secs

Rains starshards down on the enemy target’s head, causing 785 Arcane damage over 15 sec.

Mechanics – What does the tooltip mean?

This one is cool!!! No mana! For me (and I’ve heard others say this as well) it does about the same damage as SW:P. Here’s the fabulous part: it’s free (the only cost is the GCD) and it’s now a DOT (no more channeling!) It makes me wish I’d made Sidone a NElf (since she’s a Dranei my next review will probably be on Chastise), I use it on every mob while I’m soloing, and on bosses when I can spare the casting time.

Between the Lines – What the tooltip doesn’t say.

There’s just not much to say here. I think we can all understand the ramifications of the changes to this spell. With it costing no mana it allows some dancing of the 5-sec waltz, and there are no longer issues with loosing damage output because your channeling got interrupted. Both are fabulous things! The only comment I need to make here is if you are using this in an instance/raid (which I recommend on bosses, probably not very useful on trash) you may need to watch out for the additional threat. Since you are adding some damage threat to your normal healing threat you may pull aggro more often. The first runs you use it on keep a close eye on your threat meter to see if the extra threat makes a big enough difference to cause problems.

Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls

I always follow Clearcasting with an IF to allow a few secs OFSR. I’m going to add a Starshards to that (if I have the time available) so I’m using it in a place where it can give me some guaranteed mana regen benefits. I would definatley recommend making sure that the cooldown is up for Curator’s Evocation phase(oops, Curator is immune to Arcane but the theory applies, if a boss is going to take extra damage, save the Starshards for a time when it will be the most helpful). With the increased damage he takes during this phase Starshards could go for a lot and the quicker he goes down (like most bosses) the better!


If you wanted to use this while dancing the 5-sec waltz, you could chain this with a spell that you use Inner Focus with.

Super Cool Points

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3 Comments on “Galadria: Spell Review: Starshards”

  1. Bluetiger Says:

    Oi! Oi! Dante’s Peak, ain’t it??

    and for the Starshards – why oh why didn’t I do a Nelf instead of a human……:grumble grumble*

  2. Kaething Says:

    I rerolled Draenei priest because I wanted fear ward, and now that I’ve gone shadow Chastise doesn’t do me a bit of good. I still love my Bloo Butt so I’m not going to sweat Starshards too much, but I did want to chime in that Curator is immune to arcane, and Starshards won’t do much good there.

  3. Galadria Says:

    Correct!! I always thought Night Elves were great. Everything else aside, I’ve always liked Shadowmeld it makes going AFK really easy.

    I didn’t realize that Curator is immune to Arcane, thanks for the tip!

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