Vladvin: Many Bosses Down!

Our guild had a long, fruitful night of raiding!  We went into TK first; Al’ar, Void Reaver, and Solarian all down in one shot (first time for a 1-shot on Solarian).  I died to the fire on the 2nd phase of Al’ar again.  At least I can say that I’m not walking into it, it spawned exactly on top of me again and by the time I got to the edge I was dead.  I’m sure there’s something different I could have done (there always is) but I’m just not sure what.  Anyway, I got the Band of Al’ar, bumped my Shadow damage almost to 1k unbuffed!  After leaving TK we went and 1-shot Kazzak and then Doomwalker with no griefing from the Allies!  We actually got some help on Doomwalker from 2 other guilds that each had 1/2 of a BT raid waiting outside.  After that they (I didn’t go, needed to get my dailies done and work on my herbing, now at 315) did High King and Gruul.  That’s 7 bosses down in one night and all but High King in one shot!  Tonight SSC and hopefully we’ll get Vashj.  If she goes down I’m guessing we’ll go after Kael’thas this weekend. 

On another note, I started working on some Spell Review articles for the Dark Side and they just don’t work as well as Galadria’s Holy ones.  There’s just not much that’s insightful to say about them.  I’m still working on it, but in the mean time I’m starting another project.  I’ll be writing articles on boss tactics with some general strageties that have worked for us and some specific things for the Shadow Priest.  I’ve gotten most of the Kara bosses written but I’m waiting until we go in there this weekend (waiting for a friend to hit 70 so we can take him in there) to get some screenshots.  I also plan on working up through the progression to cover all of the bosses that I’ve seen.

Alas, I must go do something my boss will consider productive…  I can’t seem to convince her that blogging is productive.

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4 Comments on “Vladvin: Many Bosses Down!”

  1. Nullspace Says:

    I miss those fruitfull days when all went smothe. Like taking all outdoor dragons, and the whole AQ 40 in one night.

  2. Vladvin Says:

    I was a fun night! There were no major screw-ups. The only wipe in TK was on trash. We were taking a break after VR before working on Solarian’s trash. I had parked my toon right outside her hall and gone to get a brownie and something to drink. I come back and I’m dead. I put my headset on there’s a lot of laughing. I say something over vent and it turns out the tank was marking the first pull and forgot about the pat, he aggroed it and wiped most of the raid. Then the first few stragglers came back in the door before the pull had reset and they went after more people. They must have walked over my corpse at least 4 times. Good times 🙂

  3. handypriest Says:

    Hehe, tanks need more Intellect.

  4. Vladvin Says:


    LOL! That’s awesome 🙂

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