Vladvin: Lady Vashj won’t lay down and die!

Why won’t that snake-haired, naga looking wierdo go down?  Actually we got close several times.  We spent about 4 hours working on her yesterday and on several attempts we got 3/4 generators down.  That fight is a big balancing act and it’s a serious gear check.  Your healers have to be able to handle incomming damage, your DPS have to be able to handle all of the adds without them over running you.  Let me back up and explain.  Phase 1: Basic tank-and spank.  Tanked in the center, perodically she will make someone “teh bomb” (called Static Charge) they have to run away from the group and be healed through the incomming damage (for hybrid classes, I definatley recommend healing yourself, this debuff does a lot of damage), she will also stun the tank and root everyone in melee range so threat is a BIG issue in this phase.  Even the best of tanks will have trouble on this one.  When you get her down to 70% she enters Phase 2, she puts up a shield (so no damage on her, it’s wasted mana) with 4 generators that have to be disabled.  In this phase there are LOTS of adds!  The room she’s in is circular with a ring of stairs, at the bottom of the stairs is a small ring of water.  There are 4 types of adds that come out of the water.  First is elementals, these have no aggro and they walk straight up towards Vashj.  If they get to her they despawn and give her a buff that increases her damage.  If she gets 3 or more stacks of the buff it’s game over, your tank won’t be able to survive Phase 3.  About once a minute a Tainted Elemental will spawn (these have a little more health than the others) these will drop a Tainted Core.  When you pick up a tainted core, you have a DOT that starts ticking and you are rooted in place.  It can (and should) be thrown to another raid member until it gets to someone close enough to be “dunked” into one of the generators, disabling it.  The third type of add are Naga, called Coilfang Elites.  They have to be tanked.  They do a fair ammount of damage and have a very wide cleave.  They will also hamstring the tank so picking up the next spawn gets very dificult. The best solution we found for that problem is Blessing of Freedom from a Pally.  Lastly we have Striders.  These look just like the striders in Zangarmarsh, they do an AOE fear so tanking is out of the question.  We use a Warlock spamming Curse of Exhaustion and Searing Pain to kite it around the platform.  We also have all of our tailors take turns throwing Netherweave Nets on it, one of the mages respecced to improve his Slow, Mind Flay helps a little and Blackout will stun it also (I definatley recommend Blackout over Spirit Tap for this encounter).  On top of all that, Vashj will target a random raid member and throw a Lightning bolt at them which will also damage nearby raid mambers.  This fight is all about Phase 2.  There is a lot of incomming damage from the Naga and the Lightning bolts (I don’t count the striders in that because they will 1-shot anyone but a tank) and the DPS has to be spread evenly over all of the targets or you’ll get run over.

Through trial and error we found a few things that work for us.  We devided the stairs into 4 zones, the stairs have visible sections so each zone gets 2 sections, the last one has 3 sections.  Each zone has 1 healer and 1 or 2 DPS.  What will work best for the zones is highly personal.  Our Hunters, Ele Shamman, and Boomkin could handle a zone by themselves.  Our Rogues could not.  Mages could but had lots of mana issues.  What we came to in the end was to have the Rogues on the Naga, if both of them could avoid the cleave and stay alive they could get the Naga down before the tank had more than she could handle.  All ranged on the Striders, if enough stayed alive we could get them down before the next one spawned.  I was on striders, but I’m not sure that’s the best place for a SPriest, I think being on the Naga would let me be a better mana-battery, but our situation required more DPS on the Striders so that’s where I needed to be.  The trick to this fight is coordination to get the Tainted Cores into the Generators and even distribution of the DPS.  If any one part doesn’t work your raid gets over-run.  Two striders is almost unmanageable because of the fear.  Any more than 2 Naga will kill the tank.  If more than a couple of raid members die the DPS just isn’t enough to keep the adds manageable.

I think this fight will get easier with more gear.  We have a lot of gear comming into our raid each week and I think it’ll get easier each time we add more gear.  We also need to prune out the weak links until the fight is on farm.  There were a few people who died every time and it crippled us.  Each person has to be aware of his surroundings and responsible for himself.  We got so close so many times, I think we only need another week to get her down, maybe 2 weeks.  Hopefully this time next week I’ll be telling you about how we downed Vashj!

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  1. HandyPriest Says:

    Hi! My guild has started doing SSC a few weeks ago and we’re still working out strategies to clean the bosses. I don’t know what is happening in there because my SPriest is still 4 lv too low and not geared yet, but I think that will brighten our SSC raiders on how to do Vashj. We have a lot of DPS but our tanks are not still up to scratch on tanking T5 bosses. Anyway, you might want to check if you did not already this page of WoWwiki ( http://www.wowwiki.com/Lady_Vashj_%28tactics%29 ) it contains tactics that might help your team get through the various phases without losing too much manpower.
    Anyway, nice article. 🙂

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