Vladvin: Al’ar down!!!

Al’ar went down last night!  Can’t remember what dropped as it wasn’t anything for me 🙂  Our guild has now downed 75% of TK.  The encounter went very smoothly.  Each tank picked up quickly so we didn’t get the Flame Buffet too badly.  I did go down to a fire patch at the very end, I was at about 60% health and the fire spawned exactly on top of me, but the time I made it to the edge I was dead.  Al’ar was down to about 10% by then.  As a SPriest the encounter is quite easy.  We get to stay on Al’ar the whole time.  The other ranged DPS goes to the adds in phase 2, but in order to mantain mana-battery-ness I stay on Al’ar.  After Al’ar we downed Void Reaver and Solarian, Solarian was a little rough but we got her down on the 3rd attempt. 

All told it was a good night of raiding.  Tonight we go into SSC!

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  1. RaidOrg Says:

    Grats on Al’ar! 🙂

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