Vladvin: Frozen Shadow Weave FTW

Made my boots last night!  That only slightly offset the fact that Handwraps of Flowing Thought didn’t drop off Attumen AGAIN (6 weeks now).  I did however get Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran off of Moroes.  We didn’t make it to Curator so I still have hopes of T4, got a late start and we were all ready to go to bed after Opera.  Put a few attempts into Nightbane but didn’t have a tank who could handle the stance dancing.  There were mentions of drunk Kara on Fri night so I may have an interesting story come Saturday.  I did hit exalted with The Violet Eye so I was able to turn in my healing ring and get the caster one, it replaced my last green.  Now I just need to replace the few blues I have left (chest and gloves).

I’m starting to get comfortable with my damage.  Part of that is all of the gear that I’ve gotten, but I’m also getting more comfortable with DPS’ing.  I’m getting into a rythm with my shot rotation (still ironing it out, but it’s a lot better than it was).  At my worst last night I was only 4th on the charts and I was #2 at my best.

The regular Shadow Priest has parent aggro for the rest of the week so aparently I’m in for raid this week.  I’m quite nervous.  I’ve been told not to worry about my DPS and just make sure I learn how to survive all the fights.  Once I’ve got the fight mechanics down I can start worrying about cranking the DPS out.  As of last night the GM hadn’t decided what fights he wanted to do, but Alar was at the top of the list, if I’m remembering the conversation correctly, it’s a new boss for the guild and if we win, we’ll be tied with 3 other guilds for progression (in competly un-related news, the top guild on our server got Illidan this weekend, very cool!). 

In other news, I think I’m going to follow in Galadria’s footsptes and start at Spell Review series for the shadow side.  This will probably be aimed at the new shadow priest (or to help others understand our class abilities better) and will be old news for you seasoned veterans out there, but I think that’s exactly what Galadria has intended with this blog.

Have a great Hump Day!  Week’s half over.

(get your mind out of the gutter!!)

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5 Comments on “Vladvin: Frozen Shadow Weave FTW”

  1. Trollin Says:

    Howdy, I was working on some of those “entry level shadow priest” things too. Toss me an email and I can make sure we aren’t posting over each other. =P

    On the Handwraps of Flowing Thought point… I ran Kara every week from early March to September and I never got them. I got Tier 5 gloves before I saw either Flowing Thought or Tier 4. =(

    Good luck! Drink lots of Mana Pots!

  2. Amnesiac Says:

    If you have Tempest’s Touch don’t bother rolling on the T4 gloves unless you’re collecting a healing set. Do the right thing and let somebody else take them instead. Just keep holding out for the Handwraps of Flowing Thought, maybe you’ll earn enough badges for the Studious Wraps while waiting.

  3. Vladvin Says:

    What really gets me is that Galadria has those gloves… and doesn’t wear them since the patch because all of her holy gear gives better stats…

    I do have Tempest Touch (wondering how you knew that one) I’ll probably take whatever comes first, but like you said if there was a warrior or druid who needed the T4 I’d probably let them have it.

  4. Amnesiac Says:

    Because everyone has Tempest Touch hehe 🙂 If you stack them with the +9 spell damage gems they’re better than the T4 Gloves. Only thing that would make me switch to them is if I had the T4 shoulders aswell so I could get the 2 piece set bonus.

  5. Vladvin Says:

    Good point… We’re finishing Kara tonight and by next week I should have enough badges to get the Studious Wraps if the Handwraps don’t drop again.

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