Rough Night on Void Reaver

I got taken to Void Reaver last night.  It was ugly.  There were at least 6 of us that had never been in TK before and we only had a handful of the core raiders.  There were a few without Deadly Boss Mods and that really hurt us.  6 attempts… the best was 1% when he enraged.  It was painful.  I died on all of the attempts except the last one from complete nubishness.  In case you haven’t done this fight, I’ll explain.  It’s a relativley simple mechanic, but not the easiest to execute.  VR is tanked in the middle of a circular room, you need 3 tanks since he’ll knock the tank back every once in a while and move to the next on the aggro list.  He does a stomp for about 1.5k and most people just heal the melee through it.  Here’s the hard part, for ranged people.  Every 5-10 seconds he throws an “Orb” at a random ranged person.  It will land where the person was standing when he/she was targeted.  Everyone is suposed to spread out and if your close to the orb run away from that spot.  Deadly Boss Mods will announce in /say when you are targeted.  The trick for ranged is not to keep your camera on VR but to pan back and forth and look for chat bubbles above people’s heads.  I spent 5 attempts with the bubbles disabled.  Epic Fail.  People were calling out over vent who has the orb and I’m thinking “How the heck am I suposed to know if they are anywhere close to me?”  Needless to say it was very frustrating.  The really hard part is when you’re running away from one orb and run into another one that you weren’t close enough to see the chat bubble.  My advice is to watch out for people running towards you because they are running from an orb in that direction.  If you do notice it, call it out on vent to them as well “John Doe, don’t run any farther that way, orb behind me”  In most cases if you stop when you reach eachother you’ll both be safe from both orbs (unless you’re just unlucky).

Something posessed our GM after trash respawns to go try Kazzakk (I think I’m mispelling that, but oh well).  3 tries best attempt was 5%.  One time the bomb didn’t run far enough, one time the healers couldn’t keep up, and one time we just didn’t pump out enough DPS.

All told it was a rough night.  I was exhausted afterwards.  On the up side, I’ve now seen both fights and know how to do them so I’ll have an easier time next time around. 

On another note, I’m short one Shadowcloth and one Netherweb Spider Silk for my Frozen Shadow Weave Boots so I should have those made tonight.  A very generous friend farmed Primal Water in Skettis with me last night and we got all 12 in about 1.5 hours.  One thing off of the to-do list!

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3 Comments on “Rough Night on Void Reaver”

  1. Bruthah Says:

    OH! There is an addon…. Void Reaver Alarm.

    Gimmicky? Yeah. Almost cheating? Sure thing. Enables a raid to kill Void Reaver the first time they meet? You bet.

    Essentially, it flashes your screen when you are in the area of an incoming orb, tells you how far you are from getting out of the orb, and how far you are into other people’s orbs.

    Also, it’s fun to CoH a group full of melee DPS while they stay in for the slams. Wheeee!

  2. Dalansia Says:

    Easy raid strat is, all ranged DPS stand in a ring around VR, just outside the sloped area (if i remember correctly). To avoid the bubbles, when targeted, just run to the side of the room. The bubble hits where you were and you don’t run any chance of running into another player’s bubble who was targeted! 🙂

    Once the bubble explodes, run back into your position, rinse, and repeat!

  3. Maggot Says:

    Best part, is that 2.4 patch breaks all addons that alarm. DBM, VRA, oh yeah.. all broken.

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