New Name

Galadria and I decided on a new name:

The Light and The Dark: A blog from two sides of the Priest tree

I like the tagline, but with this theme it doesn’t show up, need to see if I can fix that.  The domain probably won’t change for a while.  We’ll probably switch to self hosting when we get a domain and neither of us is ready to tackle that.

I’m also probably going to change the font/color of my posts to make distinguishing Galadria and I easier.  I’m not sure how that will work with feeds, I can think of a few that look different in my reader so we’ll just have to see what happens!

Edit: we decided on The Light and The Dark since Shadow was too long… it looked funny up there 🙂

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9 Comments on “New Name”

  1. RaidOrg Says:

    I like the new name and look forward to the new look. I’ve updated my link on RaidOrg as well.

    RaidOrg – – Helping World of Warcraft Guilds Manage Raids

  2. Matticus Says:

    There’s a wordpress theme I ran into the other day which had one side of the page black and the other side white. I think it would fit this perfectly. I just can’t remember the link :(.

  3. Kestrel Says:

    Good call, you two! As for self-hosting, after the first 5-60 minutes of setup (depending on how savvy you are), it’s a breeze.

    There should also be a way in the WP Dashboard (Profile) to maintain separate author IDs so your posts are self-identified (although the different colors is good as well–check out Two and a Half Orcs). As it is, there’s nothing in the post to indicate who the author is, other than referring to Gala in the third person. 🙂

  4. Galadria Says:

    I think I’m going to look into self hosting this weekend. Do you know if wordpress will run on a mac? I won’t be able to install the software here at work so everything will have to be done at home from my iMac.

  5. Matticus Says:

    Galadria, yes in theory. Any webserver can run WordPress. All you need is a capability to run PHP and MySQL. I just don’t know the kind of software you need to run a server on a mac.

    Are you planning to self host it on your home computer on a landline?

  6. Galadria Says:

    That’s part of the problem, I dont’ really understand any of this. I know what PHP and MySQL are, but I have exactly zero expirence with this kind of thing. I did a little bit of research last night but I feel like I’m in way over my head. From what I understand if I do it from home I won’t have any kind of bandwidth (I’m thinking of what hapened to when WoW Insider featured them in an article). I also don’t know if I can afford to pay for a hosting service.

  7. Kestrel Says:

    A hosting service shouldn’t run much more than $100-120 a year (generally, if you can pay for 6 mos or a year at a time, it’s cheaper than monthly). The cost of a domain name for a year is trivial–if you pay more than $10, you’re getting ripped off. Also note that a .us domain (such as mine) may be cheaper than a .com or .net domain. (Umm…if you’re in Canada, .us probably won’t work.)

    I use GoDaddy for my webhost, but that’s not necessarily a testimonial: There are several excellent providers out there. (I believe Phaelia listed 3 or 4 when she switched from Blogger.)

    Your point about bandwidth is well-taken, and that’s why webhosts exist. In addition, almost all have WordPress available, so a 1-click install is generally all it takes. You may have to upgrade to the newest version, but that’s pretty easy via FTP. I strongly recommend FileZilla, an open source client available from Sourceforge.

    I am as unschooled as they come as far as knowing how to manipulate php and MySQL, but deep knowledge of either or both can only enhance your site; lack of knowledge won’t really show (unless you do something really careless–but I’ve a hunch that’s not going to happen).

    Good luck!

  8. Kestrel Says:

    Weird…I only typed “F T P” (sans spaces) but your theme prepended the “http”. Anyway…I forgot to provide a link for FileZilla, which runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and maybe a few other platforms.

  9. Galadria Says:

    Great info, thanks! I’m going to have to talk it over with my hubby. We are trying to buy a house and every little penny we have is going towards paying off credit cards. Hopefully he’ll humor me!

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