Galadria: What’s in the works

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am still alive.  I’ve had somoe RL stuff and haven’t been able to play for a while… I’m sorely missing it.  I think I’ll be able to start leveling Sidone again in a few weeks so I’ll be continuing that series.  I’m also thinking about trying my hand at making a few videos like BRK has.  We’ll have to see how adventurous I get.

I think we’re going to start titling all posts with the author’s name first.  My hubby said it’s not very clear who is writing what.  I think we will also be changing the theme, I love this one, but as Phaelia said when I put it up, it’s “Very Druidish”  I’d like to find something black and white then make the font for my posts a soft text in a light yellow and Vladvin’s a in a light purple.  I hope to get around to that this weekend.

I also wanted to say good luck to all of you with your new year’s resolutions, RL and WoW!!

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