Vladvin’s Goals

Since I’ve got a lot going on I need to make a list of all my goals. So with out further ado and in no particular order:


  • Get Herbalism up to 375 – currently about 100, hopefully I’ll save some $$ getting pots and flasks crafted instead of bought (Done!)
  • Get Tailoring up to 375 – currently 367 (Done – got to 375)
  • Get Fishing up to 375 – currently 75
  • Get Cooking up to 375 – currently 100, again I’d like to make well-fed food instead of buying (Now up to 225, collecting those stupid eggs…  I keep finding an excuse to leave the Hinterlands every time I get up there)

Gear: The robe (Kirin Tor Apprentice’s Robes), boots (Ruby Slippers), and off-hand (Jewel of Infinite Possibilities) I have equiped all have spell hit, I need to make up 24 in order to remain hit capped, I’ll get 14 hit with my head enchant also. (To clarify, I’m wantinig to replace these 3 pieces and need to make up the spell hit so I can equip FSW robe, boots and Orb of the Soul Eater)


  • Get exalted with the Aldor – just dinged Honored yesterday
  • Get Exalted with Cenarion Expedition – for ring, currently about 8k through Honored
  • Finish Kara quests and get exalted with Violet Eye – one more run and I should be exalted(Exalted, just need to finish quests now)
  • Revered with Shatar for Head Glyph(Done)


  • Head – Glyph of Power, need rep(Done)
  • Shoulders – I have the Honored Inscription, need rep to get the Exalted one
  • Chest – Restore Mana Prime, when I get Frozen Shadoweave crafted (Done)
  • Back – Subtlety, when I get the gear (I got the Shadow Cloak, I need to get the mats together now)
  • Bracers – Spellpower
  • Gloves – Major Spellporwer, when I get the gear
  • Feet – Vitality, when I get Frozen Shadoweave crafted (need to get mats together)


  • Gems – need to get +9 dmg in all slots, currently have some of the +7 and one MP5 gem because I wanted to fill the slots and Living Rubies were ridiculously high on the AH (Done – Living Rubies finally came down to reasonable prices and I swapped out the +7dmg ones for +9 dmg ones)
  • Epic Flyer – this is a pipe dream at the moment, but still worth putting on the list.
  • Dailies every day – I try and do the Skettis, Ogril’la, and BG dailies every day but I didn’t make it very often over the break, I’d like to throw in the daily instances but I just don’t have the time between raiding and RL and all the above mentioned things. (Been doing good so far, can’t always squeeze in the BG daily, but I’m getting the others)
  • Talent build analysis – I’m using a cookie-cutter build for the moment, I need to take some time and see what is going to best fit my playstyle
  • Addons – there’s a couple that I’m looking at, that’s one of the posts I have in mind, all of my addons and my UI (actually that’ll probably be 2 seperate posts)(Done – installed the addons, fiddling with settings)

And if that’s not enough, I’ve got RL too!

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3 Comments on “Vladvin’s Goals”

  1. Dalansia Says:

    Is your priest now a Shadow Priest? Is that why you are gearing with all the +sp dmg gear? If so, then you should already have 5/5 points in shadow focus. That gives you an automatic 10% of 16% maximum spell hit that a player can obtain. The remainder can be made up with 76 spell hit rating. That is not difficult to obtain, at all.

    Also, ruby slippers are not the best for straight DPS. I would actually recommend the sandals that are obtained through an Auchindon quest that have multiple gem slots. I have 2-3 pairs of epic footear and none can match the dps of those blue shoes.

    Also, for a straight shadowpriest, do not worry about any mp5 gear. You should have specced far enough into the Discipline tree to have 3/3 Meditation (30% mana regen while casting). I can finish most boss fights with no potions and others with only 1. That talent makes a big difference.

    P.S. check out Kolm on Detheroc for some decent shadowpriest gear/ talent tree. I am not a tailor, so this is the max DPS I was able to achieve without throughing too many expensive gems in rare gear.

  2. Vladvin Says:

    Galadria is the hoy priest and I’m the shadow priest, we both write here. I think I’m going to change the font/color for my posts to help out with distinguishing who is writing. Not sure how that will affect those of you who use readers, so you may just have to keep looking at the author.

    I made a few clarifications, I’m wanting to get rid of the Ruby Slippers (and the other 2 pieces) but when I replace them I won’t be hit capped any more. I think both of the gloves have hit and any of the rings I listed have hit (I could also do the enchant to gloves for spell hit). You are absoutley correct that 76 is easy to get, I just need to get it!

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. […] case any of you are curious, I have been updating my Goals post as I complete them.  If you go check it out, you’ll see that I’m plugging along […]

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