New Gear

Thanks to some wonderful generosity, I have upped my Shadow damage by almost 300 and I’m now hit-capped.  I got my Spellstrike set made, and my Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders made.  That allowed me to get and equip the Orb of the Baby Eater… ahem  Soul Eater (that’s a warlock joke for the uninformed out there).  I also got the Mind Blade from Kara on Sunday and (again very generously) was given Soulfrost on it, I was kind of thinking of getting Spellsurge to add to the Mana Battery-ness, but when Soulfrost is offered you don’t say no 🙂  You say “yes, thankyouthankyouthankyou” and walk away with a smile!  I also picked up a belt off of Illhoof last night, I’ll put it in here when I can remember the name, I don’t need the crit but it was better than the quest green I was wearing!  Now I need to work on a ring and trinket, get my Frozen Shadoweave set finished, and I think gloves and a cloak and I’ll be just peachy-keen (all part of the Goals post I hope to have finished tonight when I get home)!

First day back at work… ugh..

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4 Comments on “New Gear”

  1. Trollin Says:

    I haven’t done the math on it (yet, I’m working on it for my next post), but honestly, I think Soulfrost is better for an Spriest than Spellsurge because of the whole VT thing. The best thing you can do for your group is max spell damage and continuously dps with VT up.

  2. Vladvin Says:

    I would have done the math before putting Spellsurge on, but you’re probably right about Soulfrost being better!

  3. Vladvin Says:

    That is frickin’ awesome!!! Thanks for doing the math… now I just need to go get something worth swaping 🙂

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