Leveling Your Priest: Sidone at 30


Same as before:

  • 5/5 Spirit Tap
  • 2/2 Imp:SW:P
  • 5/5 Shadow Focus
  • 2/5 Imp Mind Blast
  • 1/1 Mind Flay
  • 2/2 Shadow Reach
  • 3/5 Shadow Weaving
  • 1/1 Vampiric Embrace

Woot for VE!!!!  Very excited to have this one.  My spell rotation will need to change, but I’m going to have to work out the kinks before posting it.  While leveling Galadria I had a rotation that allowed me to take PW:S out and I’m going to have to remembe how that one went 🙂

Where I have Played

I spent some time in the Wetlands, then did parts of several long chains in Duskwood (Worgen in the Woods, The Night Watch, and Look to the Stars are good chains to do.  With the XP boost from the patch, skip the group parts at the end unless you want the rewards)


  • Herbalism(145) – I’m plugging along at herbalism.  I had wanted to keep my herbing a little ahead of my level, but I’m not succeeding.  I am however managing not to let it fall behind 🙂
  • Tailoring(140) – I’m getting to the level where I’m going to need weird mats for Tailoring… ugh farming for Spider Silk, but the gear I’m making is definatley better than what I’m picking up so I’ll deal with it 🙂
  • Cooking(181) – having this one is nice, I try to stick with the well-fed foods and I keep the buff on me almost all the time, the extra Sta and Spi are very nice.
  • First Aid(50) – Since I was still picking up some Linnen, I decided to put it towards First Aid and I’ll put extras that I don’t need for Tailoring towards First Aid
  •  Fishing(60) – This is one of those talents I only level when I’m bored… I sit in SW and harass the stupid people in Trade while leveling fishing in the Canals 🙂  I need to get it up, it’s definatley easier to level Cooking while leveling Fishing.


I just stated using Silk in Tailoring so I’m looking at some good upgrades soon.  I’m looking for a new Staff, the one I’m carrying isn’t great, 6 Int.  Other than that I’m slowly going to start replacing the Wool Tailoring peices with the Silk ones 🙂


Sticking with Christmas movies… I’m going to give you 2 quotes, both come from the same character.  She’s got a bit part but is a real scene stealer.

“Well how do you like that? Not so much as a ‘kiss my foot’ or ‘have an apple’.” 

Guy: “How do you do?”  Girl: “Mutual, I’m sure.”

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2 Comments on “Leveling Your Priest: Sidone at 30”

  1. Kolm Says:

    Hi Galadria!

    I finally found some WOW blogs that are not blocked by my workplace (i feel sneaky! :))

    I play a level 70 dwarf shadowpriest on teh detheroc PVP server. I have a level 70 warrior who was my main before BC and a mage and shammy around level 30.

    The priest so far is still my favorite class to play. 🙂 I recommend going full shadow for leveling. IT goes much much quicker!

    Here’s a good spell sequence for single mobs. MB, then as soon as it is cast start backing up and cast SWP and VE (still backing up). As soon as the global cooldown finishes get in two Mind Flays. With shadow reach, if you were backing up the whole time, you should be able to get two off before the mob reaches you.

    Use a MB once they reach you if they still have a lot of life. Finally, for the last 15% – 20% or so, use your wand (important!) to polish them off. Always have the strongest wand you can buy, it saves you mana and begins the mana regen even while you are still in combat. 🙂

    Even in th emid 30s, the staff that is dropped from Van Cleef (Deadmines) is still the weapon i use on my mage. Is has wonderful stats for a lvl 19 item (+10 int, +5 stam +6 spi, i think)

  2. […] Sidone has hit 30, I have a new Leveling Your Priest post to write (this one I probably will do over the weekend) I don’t think there’s going to be a whole lot to say, but since it’s a decade level, there were lots of new spells (and thank God for Patch 2.3, the leveling has been a breeze!) (Done) […]

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