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Hopefully work will slow down soon (I’m really hoping here because the outlook doesn’t look good) so that I can get back to some regular posting.  In an effort to do some kind of a tease here’s what I’ve got in the works.  I’m not going to promise to post within a specified amount of time like I did a few weeks ago, but I’ll get them up soon!

  1. Sidone has hit 30, I have a new Leveling Your Priest post to write (this one I probably will do over the weekend) I don’t think there’s going to be a whole lot to say, but since it’s a decade level, there were lots of new spells (and thank God for Patch 2.3, the leveling has been a breeze!) (Done)
  2. Spell Review on the New and Improved Starshards!  I LOVE this spell.
  3. I’m thinking about doing a review on Chastise but I don’t have a whole lot to say about it, espcially since Sidone is only 30, but I’m going to write up a draft and see if I like it.
  4. My first attempt at a little bit of theorycrafting.  A friend sent me a post written for Shammy’s recently and I’m going to see if the same holds for Priests (and no, I’m not going to tell you anything about the post so no one steals my thunder before I can wrap my little brain around the math!) (Done)
  5. I’d also like to set some Goals and Priorities like Rashtag did.  He has been plugging along and checking things off of his list and I must confess that I’m jealous!(Done)

On another note, Nightbane went down last night for the first time!!!  We expect Netherspite to follow suit tonight.  The leadership team (mostly our Raid Master) has made a big push to get a full clear of Kara so we can start looking to Gruul.  We’re  hoping to go try High King sometime before Christmas.  Along these lines I have a question for all of you Priests out there on teh intarweb.  During the air phase last night (on all 3 attempts) I got targeted by Nightbane for his ginormous DOT and died with in seconds every time.  I’d start the phase with a Shield up but even with that I didn’t have enough time to get a Flash Heal off to try and keep my self alive, no one else had time to heal me either.  If I remember correctly, I’m just over 9k HP raid buffed so I don’t think there’s a whole lot I can do there.  The other Priest said he did a Frisbee instead of a Shield because the Shield gives you too much aggro… it seems to me that a Frisbee has the same issues.  Anyone have any thoughts?  How do you Priests out there deal with the debuff?  Does Fade work?  Does Spell Warding make a difference?  Am I just really slow?  I’m at quite a loss as to what I can do differently.

Anywhoo, Happy Friday everyone!

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9 Comments on “Comming Soon, to a Blog Near You!”

  1. krill Says:

    I hope you don’t have HoT’s ticking during the air fase 🙂

    Besides that, if I remember it right the difference is that PW:S generates trheath at the moment it is cast, while frisbee generaties threath every time it is triggered and thus heals(when the target gets hit).
    So, yes. In a scenario where you don’t want to get aggro / after an aggro reset it is better to cast frisbee instead of shield.

  2. Calandris Says:

    Read this for tips……

    nice writeup by squeaky


  3. loni2shoes Says:

    I’m pumped about these upcoming posts and excited that you’re relevelling a Priest enough levels ahead of me that I can benefit from your experiences!

  4. Kirk Says:

    ummm. I don’t do anything as he lifts into the air. He’s got three attacks:

    Rain of Bones – if that’s what’s hitting you, move just like his circles of death. Hit yourself with a Renew as you run, and if you’re already low grab a health-pot.

    Restless Skeletons. If you’re the target of one of these, treat it like you’ve just over-aggroed while fade’s on cooldown.

    Smoking Blast – the only one that leaves a DOT… most priests can survive one. Unfortunately when he’s tossing these he throws about 15 at 1 per second, and you can catch more than one. If you’re seeing more than your “fair” share, frisbee yourself ahead of time. Once hit (frisbee or not) remember to dispel the DOT to save yourself from some 3000 fire damage. As Krill notes, shield is treated as full heal before the fact for aggro. OTOH, I’m becoming convinced all the air attacks are random, so ymmv.

    The air phase is one of the places I go ahead and pop a health potion if I’m really down so as to save my mana regeneration.

    Oh – one more thing. If you’re getting hit with something called Fireball Barrage, someone is standing too far outside the battle area for Nightbane’s taste. It’s a tool to deny an exploit (allegedly), but 3-3.5K fireballs once per second are too much to handle.

    Wheee. Have fun.

  5. ladyjess Says:

    I ADORE the new starshards…just love it. I remember getting snickered at for rolling a night elf priest. The “omg what crappy racials” theory. Yet…I have the fastest travel speed after death to get back and rez, I have a handy little “pause button” called shadowmeld so I can afk myself pretty much anywhere. Those were enough. But what they did to starshards was icing on the cake!

  6. Galadria Says:

    Thanks for all of your comments. Like the HUGE dork that I am, I put the word Blog in the title and was therefore unable to open this particular post at work… and unable to reply to comments. So, all at once:

    Excellent point! I didn’t think about it being an aggro reset and therefore with the PW:S I was the only one on the aggro table. As for the HOT’s… I guess the only thing I can do is not reapply them towards the end of a ground phase since I can’t control how long they will last.

    Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You! That was a great article and helped me iron out a few things. She does the fight a little differently than we do (we focus fire the adds instead of AOE so the mage won’t have mana issues) but still VERY helpful.

    Glad I’m being helpful /squee! I should have the 30 post up tomorow, barring any unforseen obligations.

    I think I’m getting hit with the Smoking Blast. I think my general plan is to use Fade early and try to let the Pally get the healing aggro first since it seems to be mitigatable. I’ll let you guys know how it goes next week.

    I too got snickered at for rolling a NElf instead of Dwarf or Dranei. I already see more NElf’s than any other race on our server, but I think we’ll start seeing more. Starshards kicks ass!

  7. Kolm Says:

    As an spreist (read: shadow) during the Nightbane fight, stop all DPS on Nightbane as soon as he takes off in the air. Nightbane does an aggro dump at that time, so no ranged DPS (to nightbane) should be aoccuring at this time.

    You may help the AOE’ers take down the skeleton mobs, but don;t be surprised if Nightbane targets some player other than the tank when he lands. I always pop “Fade” right as he lands to help lower my threat rating.

    As someone else said, a PW:S is a really bad idea, as it causes a burst or threat right when it is cast.

  8. Galadria Says:

    Fade right after Nightbane takes off worked like a charm this past week in Kara. I do still use PW:S, but immediatley after that I Fade and we’ve had the Pally TRY to pull aggro onto himself and heal himself since the damage is mitigatable. Worked really well.

    Thanks everyone for your help!

  9. […] This is mitigatable by armor so if you have a Pally they should spam heal to take the damage (read Galadria’s article about it, most of the good info is in the comments). Nightbane will also cast Distracting Ash on […]

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