Leveling Your Priest: Sidone at 25

Sidone is FINALLY at 25, so here goes!

Talents – (0/0/16)

The first 11 are the same as last time, but for a recap:

  • 5/5 Spirit Tap
  • 5/5 Shadow Focus
  • 1/1 Mind Flay
  • 2/2 Imp SW:P
  • 2/5 Imp Mind Blast
  • 1/2 Shadow Reach

I am now seeing mobs die before SW:P times out, I think this is largely because I’m fighting 1 and 2 over level mobs, but whatever the cause, I filled in Imp SW:P. Next I took 2/5 in Imp Mind Blast, and 1/2 in Shadow Reach for the increased range.

Spell Rotation

I have 3 spell rotations that I’m currently using. The first is for killing mobs that I don’t have the room to fear, the second is for killing 2 mobs at the same time while fearing them, and the third is for killing overlevel mobs espcially ones that hit hard.

Normal Spell Rotation (fear is not available/possible):

  1. Pull with Mind Blast
  2. SW:P
  3. Shield
  4. Mind Flay x2 (x1 if substantially under level)
  5. Wand until death

With this rotation I get enough mana regen that I don’t have to stop and drink very often.

Fear Juggling (if you are a regular reader, you’ll have seen this allready but I’m posting this here again anyway and I now know for sure that this will need to change at later levels, but that’s another post!):

  1. Pull mob A with MB and SW:P
  2. Shield
  3. Pul Mob B with SW:P
  4. When it’s in range, fear both
  5. MF Mob A until dead (I can usually get 2 MF’s off before the fear wears off and if it’s not dead a 3rd will kill it before it gets back)
  6. Kill Mob B however you like, it should be at about 1/2 health (if I’m trying to conserve mana, I’ll do SW:P and wand, if not MB then Smite will do the job)

Overlevel mobs, the most recent ones that I had a hard time with were the raptors in the archaelogical dig site in the Wetlands. They were 2-3 levels over me and hit hard for that level.

  1. For this I pull out Holy Fire, it does a good amount of damage and adds another DOT that helps taking down the tough mobs
  2. Shield SW:P
  3. Mind Blast
  4. Fear if possible
  5. Mind Flay x 2 (and a 3rd if the shield is still up)
  6. Mind Blast

The last Mind Blast usually kills off the mob, if not I’ll throw a Smite. For this rotation I like to kill with a spell instead of wanding. I’m not really concerned with mana efficency, this is for guys that hit hard, have a relativley large amount of health and therefore need to die quickly.

Where I Played

I started out by trying the Absent Minded Prospector quest in Darkshore… I was not able to solo it and after SEVERAL tries gave up. Then I tried the escort quest from Grove of the Ancients to Myathstra’s Post in Ashenvale and a stupid Tauren kept killing my NPC…. gave up again. I think you can understand I was a bit discouraged at this point. I moved on and did some more questing in Ashenvale, moved on to Stonetalon Point for Pridewing venom sacs and killed some Venture Co. peons. Then back to Ashenvale to work on getting Dartol’s Rod of Transformation (haven’t finished that one yet) and on to the Wetlands. Killed some murlocs, young crocolisks, raptors, and currently collecting war banners.


I’ve picked up Fishing and Cooking, I’m going to pass on First Aid for now. I’m probably going to want it later on since I’ll be Shadow but it’ll be really easy to power level later and I want the cloth for leveling Tailoring. A great way to level fishing is to do the fishing quests in Darkshore. On a side note, I got Galadria’s fishing up to 298 last night before I had to go do Arena (that’s another story for another post).


I’m slowly replacing the greens that I picked up from Azuremist and Bloodmist with Tailoring greens. I’m still not finding much in the way of quest rewards that is better, but the tailoring peices are nice. Although I picked up my first pair of shoulders last night!


This one is easy… but it’s one of my favorite movies (my husband proposed while we were watching this one!)

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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7 Comments on “Leveling Your Priest: Sidone at 25”

  1. Olle Says:

    Seriously consider wand spec, yes, its realy good for priest. Just attack mobs a few lvl lower than you and never, ever stop for drinks.

  2. willic Says:

    The Princess Bride, ftw!

    Only half a level away from my first level 70 toon – of course, its a priest. I’m thinking it will happen over the Thanksgiving weekend.

  3. Galadria Says:

    I’ll probably go get the Wand spec from the Disc tree after I get Shadowform. I know it’s usefull, I leveled Galadria with it, but I think the Shadow talents are more usefull. It just fits my playstyle better, wand spec may fit others better.

    10 Points!!

    Pre-grats on the 70 toon!! Very exciting!

  4. galadria, thank you so much for this timely post…

    my poor little priest alt is level 24, and has been so for a couple months… now it’s time to pick her back up and get cranking, and I forgot how to play. Lol.

    I can’t wait to try your suggestions out and have fun again!

  5. Galadria Says:


    Well, I should have the 30 post up here in the next day or two! Sidone is 29 atm and about half way to 30 🙂

    Hope I’m being helpful!

  6. xcal Says:

    nice site:-) I always pull with the holy spell..ouch, I’ve forgotten it’s name:-( it’s the longest cast time and does some DOT. I feel that it’s the best puller because a Mob is only aware of you after teh spell is cast, so you have free time to cast the longest spell in your book.

    I also shield before pulling because this means that my ‘weakness’ lasts just a few seconds shorter after the mobs start hitting…in effect, I can cast a 2nd PW:S 2to5 seconds before you can…this point is valid for the harder hitting mobs and longer fights.

    so you know have some free time to PW:S, and cast Holy fire (yes, that’s the name:-) before the Mob is aware of you.

    my general spell rotation is:
    1. PW:S
    2. HOly fire
    3. SW:P
    4. Mind Blast
    5a. maybe wand until next MBlast or SW:P or PW:S
    5b. maybe smite until next MBlast

    I’ve been 100% holy until lvl67, then respeced to 23/38/0…been lvl 70 for 2 months, but been offline for exams. You’re building a shadow priest, so might have some better reason for pulling with MBlast over Holy Fire, I don’t know.

    First Aid FTW!!! I’m not a tailor yet (want my super flying mount first), so use my material for bandages. they’re extremely helpfull after a fight when mana is a bit down, or when in a party when mana management is important. I try to bandage my casters whenever possible and keep mana for MT.


  7. Galadria Says:

    yea, since I’m leveling Tailoring I’m going to power level the First Aid once I get to 70, I definatley see the merits.

    There’s not really an advantage for shadow spells over holy ones before Shadowform, but the rotation I use gives me the most mana efficency. The case may be different for others. As with everything use the appropiate sized salt shaker.

    Because of the mana thing, I try to avoid casting a 2nd shield, I find I can go longer without having to drink if I only use one shield. I start my cast from max range and don’t put the shield up until I’m getting hit and if the shield goes down before the mob dies I can take the few hits until it dies.

    Thanks for the alternate spell rotation! I’m glad to give readers some alternatives since my style won’t work for everyone.

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