HealPriest Raiding Guide

The guide that I wrote for our guild website is finally complete!! It’s over there on the side bar under the “Pages” section. This guide was written with the new 70 in mind before entering Kara. Maybe I’ll get Sidone to 25 soon and can write that one 🙂

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2 Comments on “HealPriest Raiding Guide”

  1. Calandris Says:

    thanks. I wanted to ask a question though. I see this a lot of places and I wondered is this from the paper doll while in combat?
    “MP5 – 85 absolute minimum, 120 recomended, some recomend 150 for post-Curator but I’m not sure that much is necessary.”

    Other than that we start our Kara group Dec 3rd. (with this toon) and I meet all the requirements.

    Oh another very good necklace pre Kara is the BOE one that JCs can make. Its a world drop pattern so it can be a little rare. Its actually one of the best Blue neclaces there is even after the 10 charges are used up. (im at work and I cant remember the name of it)

    Thanks for the guide.

  2. Galadria Says:

    Living Ruby Pendant – I had forgotten about that too, thx

    Yes, that is mana regen “while casting” aka inside five second rule. If you mouse over the Mana Regeneration row in you character pane it gives you both #’s and the “while casting” # is the one I’m referring to. Good Luck!

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