Priest Power!!!

Let me just say that I had to add a “Rant” category just for this post.


For all of you out there on the World Wide Web who are QQ’ing about how crappy your Priest is and how you want to start collecting Shadow gear, I’d like to point you to a post on Disciple of the Light that I stumbled across recently, Priests are the Hybrids of WIN.  I HIGHLY recommend everyone go read that article, it’s very well written and makes some really good points.  To quote what I liked the most:

“Priests are still, in my opinion, the kings of healing; because they can compete well on all levels of healing in every situation.That does not make them hybrids. It makes them the yardstick that other healing classes are measured by.”

There has to be opportunity for everyone out there people!!  A game like this will not succeed if there is one UBER – (Insert Role Here).  Everyone, every class, every spec has a niche.  It is up to a good raid leader to know what those niches are make use of each toon’s abilities.

This brings me to another topic.  It absoutley infuriates me when people think that a players class or spec or gear is more important than the player himself.  It is the brain behind the keyboard that makes for a good (Insert Role Here).  I will take anyone on a raid reguardless of race/class/spec and to a certian degree gear, if there is a hard working, intelligent person behind the monitor.  If the person is willing to put some effort forth any class or spec can have a viable role in a raid and I do mean ANY.  Some will take more work than others but anyone can bring something to a raid.  I think you and your raid leader are being down right silly to exclude ANY class from a raid.  If you say Priests can’t hold their own in a raid, then I say you haven’t found a good Priest!


/remove hands from keyboard before Carpal Tunnel sets in


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2 Comments on “Priest Power!!!”

  1. Kestrel Says:

    Hear hear!!

    (It appears my priest, rather than my hunter, will be my first raid char. *gulp*)

  2. […] a rant. (Technically, I think it was two rants, but I’m talking about the first one here.) Gala’s upset at the QQing in the Priest community about the appelation of "hybrid class" to healing priests. I liked her summary: […]

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