Leveling Your Priest: Sidone at 20

Sidone dinged 20 last night, Yay! This series is going to record my progress leveling her to 70. She is a Dranei Priest. I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t pick races for their racials… I pick them on looks. I have a NE Priest, my Warrior is Human (and I don’t really like the human voice, dance, jokes… part of the reason I don’t really play her any more, besides the fact that I hate tanking) and my Druid is obviously a NE… no Dwarves or Gnomes… sorry, not my cup of tea. I find the Dranei to be very actrative, tails and all, so I took the plunge. I think I’m going to write a post every 5 levels so as she gets higher they will necessarily be farther apart. Here goes!

Talents – 0/0/11

To start with I took 5/5 in Spirit Tap. I think Blackout is not a terribly usefull talent (maybe PvP… not sure) and I LOVE Spirit Tap (see my post here on Spirit Tap). The mana regen is great. Next tier I took 5/5 Shadow Focus. I kill things before SW:P times out so I don’t need to lengthen it, there will be no advantage to it and since I’m soloing I don’t need threat reduction yet. When I get to the point where it’s timing out before mobs die I’ll go back and get it. Lastly, 1/1 Mind Flay. The bread and butter of any Shadow Priest. I’m still trying to decide if I should go get some Disc talents here or keep on in the Shadow tree… I’ll let you know next post!

Spell Rotation

I’m still working on the spell rotation now that I’ve got MF and Holy Fire. Haven’t worked out the kinks yet. Before hitting 20 it was something like this: pull with MB, SW:P, Shield, Smite, (depending on the mob maybe another Smite) wand until death.

Where I Played

I leveled to 20 in the Dranei starting areas and I highly recomend that for any race actually. The areas are smaller and the quests are very easy to do in loops. Also there are a LOT of green items that drop off of the mobs, seems to be much more than the other areas so you’ll go out into the world with better gear. I’m now doing a few quests in Darkshore before moving on to Ashenvale.


I’ve chosen Herbalism (currently 84) and Tailoring (currently 57) for Sidone. I really wanted a Jewelcrafter, but the entire point of this character is to help with farming… so Herbalism is a must. I chose Tailoring because I don’t plan on doing many instances. I don’t like PUG’ing and the guild doesn’t have anyone my level for me to play with. Besides which Azeroth instances seem so much longer and complex than the Outland ones. With Tailoring I’ll be able to get decent gear with out having to run Instances, and if I need to Galadria can feed cloth to Sidone to keep her Tailoring above her level. I’m still deciding if I want to bother with Fishing/First Aid/Cooking while leveling or try to power level them when I hit 70. I would like to have a cooking alt so I think I’ll try and level that as I go along. Besides the well-fed food is nice at any level. Fishing goes hand in hand with the Cooking so I think I’ll have to do that one too. First Aid… I’ll decide on that one later. I didn’t use it while leveling Galadria and it’s still sitting at about 150 on her… I’ll probably pass on the First Aid and decide if I want it when she gets higher. I’m going to want the cloth for Tailoring.


I’m not wearing anything specatcular, but the cool thing is that almost everyting I’m wearing is green. I don’t remeber that being the case with my other toons, at least not at this level. The +Shadow dmg on the Dagger is very nice. I considered linking all my gear here but I don’t think I’m going to do that at this level. I may when I get a little higher.

I think that’s about it for now. Look for the next installment of Sidone’s progress soon!

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6 Comments on “Leveling Your Priest: Sidone at 20”

  1. Necro Says:

    The gear in the new starting areas is better..also the money from quests are better. I pick races based on a mix of racials and looks. Draenei has both. Gift of the Naru si a Hot that includes you + healing and costs no mana. The mana regen dohicky (I forgot what its called) is great for grinding and groups. When grinding hit it every time its up so you have to drink less. Fear ward is nice but I donโ€™t use it enough yet. Plus all priests get it later. The +1% to hit with spells is massive when you are in a party. They will love you.

    For spell rotations, before shadow form I did shield, holy fire, SW:P, MB, MF.

    Shield up first so your cooldown is up in case the attacker beats through it. Started with holy fire because its a long spell with the most amount of damage at that level. Like a mage starting with Pyroblast.

    As I leveled my rotations changed a lot. I still donโ€™t have a perfect one because I got SW:D not to long ago. Still trying to figure how to use that properly while leveling. I need a spell rotation guide for 60-end game .

    Good luck.

    Calandris – Priest
    Necroleanan – Mage

  2. Galadria Says:

    I’d love to help you with an end game spell rotation… but I went Holy at 60 ๐Ÿ™‚ As for SW:D, my recomendation would be to do some testing… see how much it hits for so you can finish off mobs with out hurting your self too badly. I’d immagine proper timing is kind of crucial for a Shodow spec.

    I worked on Fear juggling last night and I think I’ve got that down if I’ve got enough open space to do it. Pull mob A with MB, the SW:P, Shield, pull mob B with SW:P, when it gets close Fear, MF mob A until dead, MF mob B and fear again if necessary/available until dead. It worked quite well if I had space! When I get confident I’m going to try and take the Shield out of the rotation to help with mana.

  3. Necro Says:

    Well with enough fears you might not need shield but OMG its my best friend. Channeled spells while getting hit is FTL.

    But I have already noticed its diminising returns in BC. The 2.3 change will be nice but I dont have enough healing yet to make use of the change.

    In instances where im not getting hit and not using a shield the SW:D is great becasue I always have VE up. I always run with a mage and he usually gets the last spell in (fireblast->instant fire damage). In regular grinding using it to finish someone off means that when Spirit tap kicks in Im outside the 5SR. If I use it regularly without trying to finish someone off it tries to eat through my shield (which is no good either, channeling MF without shield is bad).

    All my reading is done at work and they have a lot of stuff like elitest jerks blocked so I dont get to check up on proper use…or at least someones version of proper use, given my circumstances.

    Calandris – Priest.
    Necroleanan – Mage

    PS Since Cal is my new main even though shes not 70 I may have to switch my name in posts.

  4. Galadria Says:

    yea… Starshards is my most mana efficent spell right now, I’ll be thrilled when that get’s an update in the next patch! No mana + Instant = FTW!

    I’m also finding that PW:S doesn’t scale well, I’ve heard that it’s better with the talent points, but I don’t see that it could be much better. Again, should be much better with 2.3 getting coefficents from healing and dmg.

    I have the same trouble with the 5SR and SW:D but I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care any more. I cary a lot of water and use the Shadowfiend every time it’s available. I’ve gotten so frustrated with killing things with a Holy spec that I’ll take anything just to get the mobs dead as quickly as possible.

  5. Elory Says:

    Instead of posing all your gear you could always post a link to your armory page ๐Ÿ™‚

    Im interested in how you progress ๐Ÿ™‚ As i always wanted to know how a shadow priest works (i leveled holy)

  6. Galadria Says:

    I guess that would work, but someone looking at this a month from now wouldn’t be able see the gear… they’d see what was current. I think I’m going to put armory links up for my 2 Priests anyway and consider putting gear here for future posts so the information is static.

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