Some New Stuff

Last night I fiddled around with my buttons and added some new macros. The first looks like this:

/castsequence [target=player] reset=6 Power Word: Shield, Renew, Flash Heal

This allows me to interrupt whatever I am casting and shield myself and heal myself, then resets if I decide I don’t need the Flash Heal. I’ve had a problem where I’m dying too much. Last week we put in several attempts on Shade and I died before the wipe on 3 of the 6 attempts and in one case my death was the downturn. My husband thinks I’m not healing myself enough. We went and looked at the WWS and the other 2 healers get more than 50% of their incomming healing from themselves and I’m the opposite. I’ll get to try this out in a raid on Thursday and I’ll let you guys know if I like it.

Here is my “Oh, C$%! Tank needs a heal!” Macro:

/cast sequence [modifier:ctrl,target=focus] reset=10 Prayer of Mending, Renew, Flash Heal, Greater Heal

The modifier allows easy casting on the tank if I don’t have him targeted and allows me to use it on another player if I would like. Again, the reset allows me to decide if I need to use the entire macro and have it reset if I don’t want to use all of it.

2 little ones that I had before, but are worth mentioning:

/cast Fade
/s ***Priest is Fading***
/cast Resurrection
/s ***Resurrecting %t***

The first gives the tank a visual cue that something has happened that I needed to Fade. This has worked wonders in the past, my tank and I really like it. The second simply lets the other healers in the raid know who I’m rezzing.

I also added some down ranked heals. My over healing is entirley too high and I think it’s because my +Heal is high enough that I don’t need to be using the highest ranks most of the time. I took Kirk’s idea and named each with the aproximate ammount it heals for. I have my UI set up to only show me players health deficets so it works well. I can easily select the appropiate heal for the ammount of damage they have taken. I added a macro to each spell to allow me to cast on a different target depending on modifiers (also from Kirk):

/cast [modifier:crtl, target=focus][modifier:alt,target=player] Spell Name
/cast Spell Name
[Edit: in order to actually make this one work I had to add the line “/cast Spell Name” to the end, otherwise it only worked for the 2 modifier conditions, if anyone knows a better way to do that, let me know.]

Please add any other macros you find useful in the comments. These are just the ones I use!


[Heroine holds up a cross] “So this is your defense? Your puny faith?” “No.” [the cross ignites in flames and she tosses the cap off a hairspray can] “My keen fashion sense.” [she sprays the flames, shooting them at his face]

Name that movie for 10 points!!

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2 Comments on “Some New Stuff”

  1. Kirk Says:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    And more to the post… I’ve lately taken to a modification of my “oh crap the tank” macro.

    I modify it at the beginning of the run to specify the tank by name.

    The reason is that I’ve been known to forget to reset the tank as focus after shackling undead in kara. Just a little thing…

  2. Galadria Says:

    10 Points!!

    hrmmm… I’m going to have to think about that one. Since this is mostly for raiding I’m going to be using it on both tanks… which one do I set the macro to? I’m usually the OT healer when it’s necessary but the MT is going to need that macro too… maybe what I’ll do ctrl for one tank and alt for the other. Excellent point, thanks Kirk!

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