Another New Theme

The long and short of the story is that I get bored easily…  I like to change thing around.  So today I’ve got a new look! 

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8 Comments on “Another New Theme”

  1. Phaelia Says:

    Very Druidish. I love them both. =)

  2. Brem Says:

    Oooh. I likey lots. This may convince me to swap over to WordPress. Since I play a priest as well – and priests seem to use WordPress – I may have no choice 🙂

  3. Galadria Says:

    lol, that does seem to be the case that all the Priests are on WordPress. I need to remember to go check out your blog since it’s at blogspot I can’t read it at work *jedi hand motions* you want to make life easier for Galadria *more jedi hand motions* You want to switch to WordPress…

    Anywhoo, I’m liking this one too. It’s happier than the last one… it made me a little depressed, too much blue.

  4. Matticus Says:

    I give it 6 weeks before Galadria gets a new theme ^^.

  5. Matticus Says:

    Oh by the way, I’m not really want to nitpick, but I’m a huge stickler for spelling and stuff. You spelled experience wrong on the left pane. :O

  6. Galadria Says:

    6 weeks sounds about right… Thanks for the spelling, it’s never been my strong suit 🙂

  7. Kestrel Says:

    Very nice look! We should start a poll: Over/under on the next theme @ 6 weeks. 😉

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