I added a page that has a tally of the points readers have gotten from the movie quotes.  Someday I may think of a small reward, but for now it’s just for fun.  As anyone who reads regularly could guess, Necro is in the lead 🙂

On another note, I should have the first post for my other series ready this week.  I started a Dranei priest a little while back with the intention of making her Shadow.  I need to get another character to 70 or at least into Outland to help with farming and money making.  I have 2 other characters that are 36 and 24, but I’m not really enjoying playing them so I thought why not level a class I know inside and out!  The series will be about leveling your priest.  I’m probably going to write an entry every 5 levels or so, talking about talents I’ve taken (and when I respec), where I’ve played, gear that seems particularly good for that level, and I’ll talk about the spell rotation I’m using and what is available at that level.  I dinged 16 last night and I decided that 20 would be a good place to start this kind of series.  When I hit 30 I’ll start using the leveling guides form so I’ll tell you about those when I get there. 

Hope all of you had a great weekend!  Send good test vibes to my husband too, he’s got his first exam in grad school today!  Good luck Honey!

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6 Comments on “SuperCoolPoints”

  1. Bruthah Says:

    I actually levelled Bruthah from 30 to 60 with those guides. More than anything else, the utility in the guide for me was a sort of project timeline that helped me keep on trucking even when things got sticky in the 40s.

    I look forward to the journal!

    I often consider working on another priest, because shadow is soooo fun sometimes, but then I think about 30 to 60 and I log on to my rogue.

    Maybe with the changes to 2.3 and experience I might give it another though.

  2. Phaelia Says:

    I created a Draenei priestess this weekend with the intention of levelling her Shadow, as well. I levelled an Undead Priest to 60 before, but that was entirely Holy/Disc, so I’m hoping I enjoy Shadow a bit more. ^_^

  3. Galadria Says:

    One recomendation I might make is no matter what race your new character is, go level in the Dranei or Blood Elf starting areas. The quests are easier to do in loops and the leveling goes faster there. Blizzard designed those areas to get you to 20 faster than the other areas so that people could get their new characters to higher levels faster. I’m finding it quite easy to get quests done on Azuremist and Bloodmist. I’m still not looking forward to doing Ashenvale again tho… maybe I’ll go over and do Redridge/Duskwood… I’ll let you guys know what I decide in my first article 🙂
    Hopefully it’ll go faster this time around!

  4. Galadria Says:

    Sneaky!!! You got your comment in there while I was writing my response to Bruthah. I can’t immagine leveling Holy/Disc *shudders* that would take FOREVER. I’m really excited about playing Shadow again, I get so discouraged trying to quest and farm with Galadria. Hopefully it’ll get easier with 2.3.

  5. Necro Says:

    Leveling Shadow is what I’m doing now. I dinged 61 over the weekend and OMG it feels like a grind. I already did all this and took my time and enjoyed it on my mage. Now I’m just trying to hit 70 so I can get back to what I really enjoy, raiding 2 days a week.

    If it’s an alt for grinding stuff have fun with it. No need for a guide, just do what you want, the levels will come. If it’s a new main on a diff server like my character, go with the guide for efficiency.

    Biggest tip for anyone leveling a mana user. Buy lots of the best water you can.

    P.S. whoopee, I’m in the lead with cool points

    Necroleanan – 70 undead mage
    Calandris – 61 Draenei Priest

  6. Galadria Says:

    I would like to take my time and level, but the main reason for starting another character is to have someone in Outland that can herb, farm, and make some money for my main so I want to get her to 60 as soon as possible. I probably won’t raid with Sidone unless the guild needs me. That’s not terribly likley since most everyone wants me as a healer 🙂 It’s nice to be needed!

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