Happy Birthday To Me!!

Yesterday was my birthday!!  I had a great birthday, my husband I have season tickets to University of Texas football.  Yesterday was cake, but the game was fun.  The Rice band showed up at least!  Anywhoo, my birthday present from my hubby was a new computer.  I am the proud new owner of an iMac.  He got me the big one, 24′ widescreen.  It’s a thing of beauty!!  The only downside is that I now have to reload all my addons and macros.  It’s probably a good thing, I’ll make sure that I have the newest versions of my addons and clean a few things up.  Hope all of you out there in cyberland had a good weekend too!

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11 Comments on “Happy Birthday To Me!!”

  1. Kestrel Says:

    Happy birthday! And woohoo for a new ‘puter! Bought my wife a new one a year ago…if I’d known about the iMacs…

    I’ll be interested to know how well WoW runs on it.

  2. Galadria Says:

    lol… Thanks. I’m glad we waited for these new ones. I’ve needed a new one for a while, but I’m glad I got the 24′ one. Having trouble getting my Nostromo to work properly, but I’ll figure it out eventually 🙂

  3. Brem Says:

    Just think of how many healing bars you can be watching at the same time now. And with 24″ of real estate to work with they’ll be slightly larger than the 3 molecule wide health bars I have to keep track of on my 19″ monitor.

  4. Galadria Says:

    Yes, there is a LOT of real estate. I think I’m going to have to find a mod to allow me to move some stuff around, the action buttons are too far away now, it takes me too long to get my mouse over to the side. I can’t seem to get far enough away to actually see the whole screen either. I think I’ll get used to it though 🙂

  5. Brem Says:


    As things go, yours is an excellent problem to have 😀

  6. Kestrel Says:

    Gala, I answered your comment on my blog, but in case you get back here first–either Bongos2 (which I use) or Bartender3 (Ace2) will easily fill the bill. Both are extremely flexible (I don’t know for certain that Bartender allows you to play around with the minimap, but I think it does), but of course to get that flexibility takes a little bit of work to set things up just so–shouldn’t be a problem for you at all.

    BTW, I have a 24″ Dell monitor; I’ll try to remember to get a screenshot tonight and email it to you just to give you some idea of the possibilities.

  7. Galadria Says:

    I did see the post over there on your blog, but thank you over here too! A screen shot would be great! I’ve always wanted things to be compact, and off to the side so I can see what’s going on, but I’ve got enough screen space that if I push everything off to the edge, I’ll never be able to get my mouse over to it 🙂 As Brem said, these are excellent problems to have!

  8. Matticus Says:

    Happy birthday! Here’s to another year of more fun priestly posts to read.

    Right, my hearth is up just in case, so I will dare ask: How old? 🙂

  9. Galadria Says:

    I am 24, not old enough to be afraid to answer that question 🙂

  10. Phaelia Says:

    Happy birthday, Galadria! I was born 2 years less 2 days before you! Grats on the new computer – sounds gorgeous. You should definitely post a pic of your game space!

  11. Galadria Says:

    Then a Happy Birthday is in order for you!! I’ll have to see if I can dig out my camera and find some media for it to take a picture.

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