Yet another Theme

I’ll decide on something eventually…  I promise.  Nothing is making me, to quote Ego, a happy panda.

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2 Comments on “Yet another Theme”

  1. Kestrel Says:

    Gala, where are you looking? The guy who developed the theme I use has a huge number of themes; however, I’m not sure you can import them into a setup. (I wish I knew for sure if that’s possible, or if you’re stuck with what WP makes available.)

    It does seem to me that since you can modify the files/scripts provided by WP, you should be able to import an entire theme.

  2. Galadria Says:

    I’m just using what WP offers, I actually like most of the ones I’ve tried… just don’t LOVE any of them. I think I just need to wade neck deep into the CSS and edit one to be exactly what I want.

    As far as importing… not sure how that would work or if it’s possible. I’ll have to look into that.

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