Links Page Updated

I updated my links page this morning, added a new druid blog, 2 warrior blogs, and BRK’s blog because my husband insisted :-).  Post on Raid healing comming tomorow most likley, and maybe a rant about raid composition.  Hope you all had a great weekend. 

BTW, I just searched for my self on Google and I finally show up.  An exciting moment for me!

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2 Comments on “Links Page Updated”

  1. Kestrel Says:

    LOL…I just Googled “Kestrel’s Aerie”. Lots of relevant hits but the first (paid) link cracked me up (after I finished blushing). (And that first link, if anyone looks, MAY be NSFW.)

  2. Matticus Says:

    Hey, that’s awesome! Now wouldn’t it be great if Galadria would allow your site to be first? Too bad Google updates their rankings like once a month or something.

    Kestrel, I’d check it out but I don’t think the university would like it very much. I might get my priviledges revokd :S.

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