I’m messing around with themes again… the last one was too small and after a while I found it hard to read.  I liked the colors (except the bold face font, it was too light) and the general feel, but it wasn’t making me happy.  I may switch back to it and try to edit the CSS, but I have no expirence with that so I’m going to try and make one of the pre-packaged themes make me happy first.  If I like this one, I’m going to try and make a custom header… don’t like the one it comes with, but all the images i have aren’t the right colors to match. 

BTW, ever since I started this thing I’ve been trying to come up with a tag line that isn’t lame… any ideas?

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  1. Kestrel Says:

    One of the reasons I decided to self-host my blog, rather than leave it on, was the huge number of themes available. (Not that I’m going to join the Theme-of-the-Month Club!)

    That gave me the flexibility to find one I really like, and I expect Munch-10 will stay up for quite awhile. And, I wasn’t really sure how to modify the CSS file here (but to be fair, I didn’t research that too hard, either).

    Good luck on the re-do!

  2. Galadria Says:

    How hard is it to self-host? Does it cost anything? Would I need new hardware? I’m a bit of a nOOb when it comes to webmastering. I’d actually like to learn CSS, I understand it’s much like HTML which I have a basic knowledge of, but I’m not sure I’d like to build a website from scratch either. If this is too much to answer here you can shoot me an e-mail or point me in a direction where I can get some info. Much abliged!

  3. Matticus Says:

    Yeah, if you want to self host yourself without any limitations, it’s best to bite the bullet and drop a few bucks. If you’re interested in some kind of hosting, drop me a line. I’ve got 140 GB of space and 1.4 TB of bandwidth that increases by the week.

    You don’t really need any hardware. There’s websites that offer hosting services for you.

    Keep in mind WordPress was originally a set of scripts that you could install on your own webhost. They then expanded and offered a ‘blogger like’ service to allow people to blog and such without having to pay. Of course, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, right? That’s why you might be stuck with a few limited things. I don’t know, I’ve never used the wordpress hosted service. I used my own webhosting and installed wordpress on it.

    Does that kinda make sense at all or did I lose you? 😮

  4. Galadria Says:

    Yea, I think I understand that… not ready to go there yet, but can you give me a dollar figure, e-mail is fine, or at least a ball park. We talking $20/month or $100/month? I like the WordPress interface and the tracking they have to see where your traffic is coming from, so I’d probably be inclined to continue using it. The limitations seem to be storage, of course, and the ability to customize. There are certain things you can change and move, but the basic layout is static (column width and the color of the bold face type for example). I’m going to stick with the free stuff for a while and make sure I don’t get burned out. If I continue to enjoy it, I’ll probably consider some other options. I may do what Ego did and host at my guild’s website. must ponder…

  5. Matticus Says:

    A domain name will go for about 9 bucks USD for a year (read: superbowl ads, go figure).

    Hosting space for a blog will be about 8 – 12 bucks per month. Depends on the features you want such as space size, and bandwidth and what not. But keep in mind, most providers will want you to pay yearly. Some do have monthly. Obviously the more you pay in advance, the better the discount.

    For some hard numbers, my host is I pay about 8 bucks a month for 140 GB of space and 1.4 TB of space (though I do believe some of its shared, can’t be too sure). The domain name was free. The final tally was $200 over 2 years. But that’s just a rough figure.

  6. Galadria Says:

    Thanks! That is not nearly what I expected it to be. Now I have to figure out how much time and energy I want to devote to this right now. Between work, WoW, my weekly girl outings, and season football tickets there might not be enough time this fall to devote to all the webmastering I’m thinking about… maybe after Christmas…

  7. Kestrel Says:

    I think my costs are right along what Matt’s are. I think I just renewed my website for $100/year. I also spent around $100 for vBulletin, for my guild’s website (my blog is simply another part of what is basically unlimited storage, and a separate database).

    For your purposes, vBulletin is unnecessary. Almost all hosting services (mine is provide plug’n’play functions; in fact, most probably have a version of WordPress you can install (although mine had 1.x, so of course I upgraded that).

    I’m not a programmer, so it took a little bit to get everything set up, but for the most part, the “dashboard” web hosts provide, give you all the tools. And generally, if you really get stuck, their support staff will set things up for you (at no cost).

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