Kara #2

We went into Kara again last night.  Again, went really well.  Maiden down on the second try.  We finally figured out that if you stand just inside the columns everybody will be in line of sight and in range for healing but out of the consecration.  Once we figured that out, it was cake.  Then we moved on to the Opera Event, got Romulo and Julianne.  Again, down on the second try.  The pick-up when they spawn were sloppy and the heal interrupts didn’t go well the first run.  The mage and tank on Julianne weren’t communication well enough and they would wind up being on cooldown at the same time.  The second try went very smoothly and both went down!  We then made our way to Curator and bashed our heads against him a few times, but alas his desire to preserve the “artifacts” won out (his emotes are hilarious!).  We’re going to try him again on Sunday.

I’m very proud of our progress.  W’re really coming together as a guild and the communication in the events is virtually flawless.  Once we pick up on a few tricks it feels like a hot knife through butter!

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2 Comments on “Kara #2”

  1. Matticus Says:

    Hey, anymore Phat Lewt?

    Don’t stress too much about Curator for a while. He’s a fairly decent sized gear check boss. Remember to space yourselves apart to avoid getting those lightning bolts from the add. Otherwise, that adds more pressure to your overall healing.

    Don’t be surprised if you’re stuck on him for another week or two. From the sounds of things, your team’s doing a great job in there so don’t be discouraged.

  2. Galadria Says:

    The lightning stuff was definatley our biggest problem. We just couldn’t get the spacing right, but we had been in there for 5 hours… not exactly at our best :-). I didn’t get any loot so I don’t really remember what dropped. My husband got something off of maiden and the other thing that she dropped got sharded. A sword dropped in the opera and I think the warriors rolled on it (wasn’t a tanking sword)

    I don’t really care how well it goes in there, I’m having a LOT of fun!

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