We’re BAMF!!

First Kara run… Attumen down, one shot! Moroes down, 3rd try!  I may be going overboard with the BAMF, but I think we did great for our first time in any raid.  There were 2 DPS that took 50% of the damage meter between the 2 of them so I think we need to get everyone geared a little better before we go too much farther.

For anyone who’s curious here’s our group makeup: 2 Prot Warriors as tanks, 2 Holy Priests and Holy Pally as healers, Affliction and a Destruction Warlock, BM Hunter, Fire Mage, and Feral Druid as DPS. I think things went really well. For Attumen we had the other priest main heal through the first 2 phases and I picked up when he went OOM mid way through Phase 2. The Pally healed the off tank. We cut through him like a hot knife through butter! Moroes was a little harder. The shackle constantly breaking was our downfall the first 2 times. What we decided to do was kill one of the shackles instead of keeping them both shackled the entire fight. That guy is a pain but we downed him! I’m off to bed with a grin on my face!

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2 Comments on “We’re BAMF!!”

  1. Matticus Says:

    When I did Moroes, I found my shackles breaking every 5 seconds. Eventually I got into a pattern where I would renew my assignment, flash heal once, flash heal twice, then shackle and wait for a while. I always shackle between 5 – 7 seconds after my last one to ensure it doesn’t break.

    But hey, WoW is a game where flexibility and decisiveness is rewarded. Good job on getting him down! I’m assuming you didn’t get any phat loot? 😦

  2. Galadria Says:

    I can’t belive I forgot! I got Signet of Unshakable Faith. A nice healing off-hand. My hubby(hunter) got a crossbow from Attumen and one of the Locks got a belt.

    I was making every 3rd cast a shackle, the problem was that the other priest was main healing and it was usually his shacke that would break or when we just had too many people garroted and the healing was spread very thin and I couldn’t shackle in time. Good, bad or indifferent I had a blast!

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