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Inspired but this post at World of Matticus, I’ve decided to put some gear from Heroic instances that has caught my eye. Since I’m using the tailoring pieces (Whitemend and Primal Mooncloth), I didn’t look at those gear slots.

edit: added Necklace of Eternal Hope. 

Neck –

  • Necklace of Resplendant Hope: 9 MP5 and 53 Heal; drops from Epoch Hunter in Heroic Old Hills
  • Necklace of Eternal Hope: 22 Sta, 21 Int, 48 Heal, 4 MP5; Badge of Justice Reward

Feet –

  • Boots of the Pious: 16 Int, 24 Sta, 23 Spi, 62 Heal; drops from the Calculator in Heroic Mechanar.

Legs – I know I said I wouldn’t be looking at this slot, but these caught my eye and if it comes along before I get my Whitemend Pants made, I’ll be snatching them up.

  • Pontifex Kilt: 29 Int, 25 Sta, 27 Spi and 66 Heal; drops from Heroic Steamvaults

Finger –

Weapons –

  • Shockwave Truncheon (MH Mace): 24 Sta, 6 MP5, 16 Spell crit, 317 Heal; Drops from Murmur in Heroic Shadow Labs
  • Tears of Heaven (Off Hand): 5 MP5, 70 Heal; Badge of Justice Reward

These are just some of the things that caught my eye on a first glance at the loot tables.  Can’t wait to get into some of these!

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2 Comments on “Heroic Gear”

  1. Trite Says:

    in terms of neck piece the Living Ruby Pendant made by jewelcrafters is very nice. not quite as much heal or mp5 as the neck you mentioned, but it does have some very nice stats attached to it as well.

    you can check it out at my armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Blade's%20Edge&n=Trite

  2. Galadria Says:

    I had that one on my wish list for pre heroic gear, I like it. This one was just gear that’s out of heroic instances. Thanks for the comment!

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