Ego gave me something to think about in her post this morning.  She stated what her standards were in chosing a blog to add to her blogroll.  I must admit that I don’t feel it necessary to be quite so choosy (but hey, to each his own) but she did make a good point that the wall of links is a bit daunting.  Therefore I will be making another page (you’ll be able to access it from the Pages section on the left) for this blog that will include all the links that are currently in my blogroll and probably include a snipet about the blog and why I like it; and I’ll be keeping my links on the front page down to my favorites.  Please don’t be offended if you get moved to the other page, I simply want to make things a little cleaner.  BTW, thanks for the link Ego!

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6 Comments on “Blogroll”

  1. Ego Says:

    *winks* You’re welcome!

    And a linked entry with little snippets of info about each blog sounds like a capital idea!

  2. Matticus Says:

    “you’ll be able to access it from the Pages section on the right”

    You mean left? 😀 I know, I’m sorry, I’m an ass sometimes. My request would be to make something up about my World which includes the words “awesome” “resource” “priests” “management” and “shamans”. Doesn’t have to be in one line. 😀

    Makes Heroic Mech look like cake, doesn’t it?

  3. Phaelia Says:

    I envy your ability to create additional pages. That must be so nice. I can think of several items I’d like moved to separate pages. It doesn’t seem like a feature Blogger is likely to add any time soon, though.

  4. Kestrel Says:

    Great idea! I had already decided to do the same thing (got the inspiration from Mania a few weeks ago, but haven’t implemented it yet. (I think that’s a task for the weekend.) And my list of

    Phaelia–I just moved to WordPress from Blogger, and I’m very happy with it. And now that the “import from Blogger” function is fixed, I’m even happier!

  5. Kestrel Says:

    *sigh* That’s what I get for finishing a post after being interrupted by a phone call. As I was saying…”And my list of blogs worth reading is getting longer by the day, it seems.”

    @ Matticus: Cut the lady some slack–she just adopted a new theme. 😉

  6. Galadria Says:

    @Matt – Fixed… I’m a bit dyslexic… never have gotten that left/right thing down. Giving and following driving directions is a nightmare for me! How about I just quote you?

    @Phaelia – I started out on Blogger and couldn’t even get the page set up so I gave up on that one. I like WordPress infinitely better. The only thing I would add is the ability to reply to comments from the comment page on the dashboard.

    @Kestrel – Thanks for sticking up for me!! /hug

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