Ok, I’m getting ready for a respec for raiding. As I mentioned earlier I wanted to see who the other priest is going to be so I can take CoH instead of Imp DS if I could… the most likely candidate has DS but did not take the Improvement (took the other 2 points in Empowered Healing) kinda strange if you ask me… the buff is kind of worthless for other casters unless you take the improvement, but then again, he dosen’t look like he has a “raiding” spec so he may only intend the buff to benefit himself; his deal, not mine. So anywhoo, I will be taking Imp DS, and therefore 23/38/0. I’m going to do this Kirk style with the “stream of consciousness” thing. I enjoyed reading his articles and hopefully this will give some insight into why I make the decisions I do. I’m also going to assume that you have a talent calculator open so I don’t have to explain what every talent is.

Discipline Tree – 23 points

  • Starting at the top, this one’s a bit of a “duh” 5 into Unbreakable Will.
  • Tier 2 – taking 2 in Imp PW:F, and going to skip Imp PW:S (I don’t use it that often, I don’t like the fact that the aggro comes back to me, I’d rather use a Frisbee and a Renew for emergencies) This leaves Martyrdom and Silent Resolve. If things go right I shouldn’t be taking damage, so I’m going to pass on Martyrdom, so 3 points into Silent Resolve.
  • Tier 3 – 1 for Inner Focus, and 3 for Meditation. That leaves one point to fill in before I can head on to the next tier. I can either go back and give Silent Resolve one more point or put it into Absolution. I think I like Absolution better, it can get expensive in battles that require a lot of dispelling and I think I can pass on the threat reduction. Moving on…
  • Tier 4 – Going to pass on Imp Mana Burn, I don’t think I’ll have much occasion to use it as a healer, and passing on Imp Inner Fire, the buff is good as is and again, if things are going according to plan I won’t need it. That leaves 5 for Mental Agility which I like anyway. I use Frisbee and Renew a lot so the cost reduction is nice.
  • Tier 5 – Last 3 going into DS and Imp DS.

Holy Tree – 38 points

  • Tier 1 – 2 for Healing Focus and 3 for Imp Renew. I don’t like to depend on crits so I like these 2 instead of Holy Specialization, but I may use it as a point dumping ground later on.
  • Tier 2 – This one is a no-brainer to me; 5 in Divine Fury. With GH being the staple of healing I like having it with a 2.5 sec cast time. Spell warding is tempting since the most likley sources of damage are going to come from AoE-type spell damage, so I may come back to it, we’ll see.
  • Tier 3 – Blessed Recovery goes out the window (again, hopefully not taking damage), I like Inspiration, gives me a little cushion when I’m lucky enough to get a crit so 3 points there. I like Holy Nova (piddly I know, but I like it anyway) but I think I’m going to pass. With 9 other people I don’t think I’ll have occasion to use it in Kara, so 2 points into Holy Specialization.
  • Tier 4 – Passing on Searing Light, and 3 in Imp Healing, lower mana cost = good in my book. That leaves 2 points… I think I’m going to go back up to Holy Specialization here over Holy Reach. I’m not worried about the range of Smite and Holy Fire, and I’m passing on CoH and Holy Nova so this seems like a waste of 2 points for just the benefit to PoH
  • Tier 5 – I really like Imp Death… ok, Spirit of Redemption. I run with a Lock most of the time so when I die, I get to heal with unlimited mana for 15 secs, rez and keep going. Next I think I’ll take Healing Prayers, I use those 2 spell a lot and as I said earlier, lower mana coast = good. leaves 2 points, I think I’ll take 2 in Spiritual Guidance and maybe come back to it later on.
  • Tier 6 – Not worried about damage so Surge of Light is scratched out, that leaves Spiritual Healing; 10% additional healing sounds good to me
  • Tier 7 – I think I’m going to give the Lolwell.. ok Lightwell a try. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, but I think it’ll be usefull. I play with a good group and they can be trusted to use it correctly. OK, 4 points… hopefully not taking damage so passing on Blessed Resilience, so I can either put the 3 into Holy Concentration, Spiritual Guidance or put 1 into Holy Specialization and the other 2 somewhere else… I have Holy Concentration now and it procs often enough for me to like it (except when it procs at the end of battle and no one needs a heal :-)) I usually use Inner Focus right after it procs so I get several seconds outside the FSR. Works well for me so I’m keeping it! Leaves 1 point for this tier… Since I’ve now got 2 talents that use crit heals I think I’m going to finish out Holy Specialization… I know I said I don’t like to depend on crits, but since I’ve got the other 2 I think it makes sense.
  • Tier 8 – Last but not least 3 into Empowered Healing.

That’s it folks, here’s what it looks like. Let me know what you think, I’d like some feedback.

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7 Comments on “Respec”

  1. Kestrel Says:

    Just a couple observations; I don’t have nearly the experience as others to make really informed judgments.

    Martyrdom: I like your rationale here. Furthermore, it seems to me that if things are so bad the Priest dies, an extra PoH or a couple more GHs aren’t going to turn the tide. If we die early on, things really got bad in a hurry, and a wipe seems likely. If we die late in the fight, there’s a good chance we’re going to succeed anyway–although there may be the rare occasion when those heals we get off after death might turn the tide. But often enough to justify the points? (I currently have Martyrdom, but I’m smarter now, and a respec is likely this weekend. It looks cool and all, but…who’s looking?)

    Discipline Tree: Is it my imagination, or do most 23/38 HPriests have almost identical talents here? 🙂

    Nice spec, Gala–I’ll definitely be referring back when I do my respec.

  2. Galadria Says:

    From my one expirence in raids, when the priests die, it’s a wipe and if your getting hit, it’ll be 2 MAYBE 3 shots and your dead, that’s not enough time to do anyting that I think 2 talent points is worth.

    I’ve seen a few differences in the Disc tree, for example, priests who don’t expect to ever be the MH will fill out Absolution to make dispelling easier in those types of fights. But yes, most of us who go 23/38 look almost exactly alike, in bot trees actually. There will be more differences in the Holy tree (like whether to take Holy Concentration, the priest community seems to be exactly down the fence on that one) but we all look VERY similar. It seems to me that if Blizzard wanted talents to be one way to indvidualize our characters, they wouldn’t make some of these decisions so cut and dry. If your going to be a priest and raid, most decisions are made for you.

    One Comment on Martyrdom, I had it and Blessed Recovery before I took my current raiding spec. I would recomend keeping them until your ready for serious raiding or instancing. They don’t have much use healing, but they’ll save your butt while soloing/questing. I’ll take every little bit of help I can get with the lackluster damage I can put out with a holy spec. That said, I’m still questing/soloing/farming, I just decided that having the talents to help with raiding were more important to me. Keep in mind what you want to make easier/better when deciding what talents to take. As always do what will help yo have more fun!!

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  4. Lolablue Says:


    Congratulations on your blog by the way. Great stuff.

    I have been raiding Kara for a few months now and a few times into Gruul (we are still building the raiding group to go regularly). Kara is cleared and very much on farm with our core group.

    Anyway, the question I would like to hear some experienced priests’ opinion is Improved Divine Spirit. I recently respecced to 23/38 from deep holy when the other priest with spirit buff left the guild. Improved Divine Spirit increases spell damage/healing by 10% of your total spirit. In our group, a well geared (Kara and heroics epics) priest has between 400 and 500 spirit, same for a healing druid. Pallies, shammies, mages and locks rarely have more that 300 on spirit. That means that these 2 talent points give me around +47 healing (big deal when I have close to 2000 fully buffed) and improves damage your average mage or lock by about 25/30. I feel sort of: come on…. am I spending 2 talents points for that?

    I have not gone away from 23/38 to a 21/40 (getting lolwell maybe or Improved SW:S) basically because everyone gets the 23 points so I think I maybe mising something here.

    I would love to hear your views on this. Thanks very much in advance

  5. Galadria Says:

    I think the points are worth it. Espcially if you’re the only priest. If you do a lot of the group healing and think you would get more use out of Circle of Healing you probably should go that route. If you’re in 25 man raids allready, you might find CoH more usefull. It is instant cast so it’s one of those emergency type heals. You can get several people while running. You mentioned the lolwell, let me just say that now that I have it… I love it! Your warlocks will love it for long fights. Life-Tap, Life-Tap, click the well and they just got free mana. You do have to train your people how to use it but it’s a couple of free heals. I dislike Imp PW:S because I try to use it as little as possible. I don’t like that the threat comes back to me. So I just use it in emergencies so I don’t see puting talent points there. Anyhoo…

    If you are waffly about DS I would recomend asking your casters their opinion. If they like it, even though it’s piddly, then keep it. If they’re iffy about it too, drop it and go back to deep Holy.

    Thanks for the question! Hope I’ve been helpful 😉

  6. Lolablue Says:

    Hey, I am sorry I didn’t answer before basically I missed your response until now, my apologies for that :(.

    Thanks very much for your answer. Since them we had 2 more priests joining us and I decided to go for a pragmatic solution. I recommended they went deep holy and miss the spirit buff because they needed the + healing more than I did and I was more likely to be assigned on tank duty than them. I kept DI but dropped Improved Divine Spirit, I discussed with the other officers and CLs and they agreed that a +10% of spirit on +dmg/healing was not material while we all thought that +40 spirit was nice, specially with 3 priests in raid now.

    I also kept DI as “the path of least resistance”, most people would just complain if they don’t see the icon in their buff bar but no one has noticed the difference so far :P.

    I got the lolwell and now it scalates with +healing is working quite nice if you spend some time training the team to use it.

    Thanks very much for your advice again

  7. Galadria Says:

    I’m glad I could be helpful! The buff on the Lolwell was very nice indeed! Good Luck and Happy Healing!

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