I’m Skeered!

My GM finally got up off his butt and scheduled a Kara run (Loth if you find this, love you chief!)  Most of us aren’t ready for the whole thing but I think we’ll be ok for the first couple of bosses.  We’re just going to try Attumen for our first night (which I think will be Wed, so no Heroic UB that night in all likleyhood)  Maybe we won’t get past the first couple of trash pulls… maybe we’ll blow Attumen away with our BAMF skills (yea… riiiiiight… whatever you say Gala…)  but we’ll fianlly be in the door! 

On that note, I’ll probably be respeccing tonight or tomorow so expect a post on that.  I just wish I knew for sure who the other priest was going to be… if he’s got Imp DS then I’m going for CoH, if not then I’m going to go for DS… must ponder… 

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2 Comments on “I’m Skeered!”

  1. Matticus Says:

    It’s important to work with your other priest and determine what spec he has. That way you can make your choice much sooner.

    But in this case, I’d say don’t bother getting Circle of Healing. You won’t be using it too often as Attumen doesn’t perform much in the way of AoE attacks that will harm your melee.

    During Phase 2, when the Horse and Hunter merge together, it is very important that you and the rest of your raid stay under 8 yards from him. Attumen will charge players outside of that range. So expect your hunter to get hit for a while. But if you stay under 8 yards, that is a lot of raid healing that you do not need to do so you can stay focused primarily on your tanks.

    Good luck! Hope you get him down!

    And in case I forgot, stay under 8 yards!

  2. Galadria Says:

    lol, I had read that about Attumen. I’m happy to say that my guild is full of people that have good heads on their shoulders. We may not be the best players out there, but I’ve always said that the brain behind the keyboard is infinatley more important than class, gear, spec, race, or any other detail Blizzard thought it important to put in the game. I’d take a good anything in greens who can follow simple instructions (or make well thought out sugestions) over a purpled vigilante who does whatever he wants then QQ’s when he dies b/c he ran out of range or line of sight. Anywhoo, that’s a rant for antother day. My point is that I play with a bunch of people who love the game and we work really well together!

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