Tailoring vs. Raid Gear

I’ve decided to take up tailoring *cringes at the thought of leveling it to 375* I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but mostly just sighing about the fact that I’ll never have good gear until I start raiding. Then I really started looking into it. The Primal Mooncloth set blows away the Hallowed set and it’s comparable to the Tier 4 healing set. Why is the Primal Mooncloth set so much better you ask? Well, I’ll let my nerdy side show a little bit and throw you some numbers (actually a LOT of numbers.)

I can not, for the life of me get my table to insert here, so I’ve published it as a Google spreadsheet, here

Keep in mind that the Dungeon/Raid sets are 5 pieces and the Primal Mooncloth is 3 and the Whitemend is 2 so you have to look at them together, and I’ve included the Tier 5 and 6 sets for reference.

Look at the difference in the +Heal; the tailoring set has 136 more bonus healing than the Hallowed set and 68 more than the Incarnate set! That’s huge! I will admit that the other +stats are better on the dungeon and raid sets, but I think that can be made up much easier than the +healing can. There are more sockets, and you can fill in the other stats easily.

I’ve posted my wish list for gear just for an example. The stats I’m shooting for are 7,000 health and 8,500 mana, unbuffed; 150 MP5 and 1500 + Healing. I’m about 700 short on the health, but we’re going to try and make it work, and I’m not entirely sure that the 150 MP5 is really necessary, I’ll have almost 135 after the sockets, and that should be enough.

The other reason I’m not going with Tier 4 is that I don’t like the set bonuses for the Tier 4 and if I did, it’s a LONG way away. The Tier 4 comes out of Kara, Gurul’s Lair, and Magtheridon’s Lair. We’re just starting to think about Kara (I think we’ve only got one 70 that’s keyed,) let alone the other 2 raids. Besides all that, priests share tokens with Warriors….. the 2 tanks get the tokens first (as it should be.) By my estimation I could have the Primal Mooncloth set within a month (probably less since I’ve got 2 Tailoring buddies that will trade cooldowns with me) and I’d be lucky to have the 2 Kara pieces within that amount of time. You may be asking yourself “I thought she was excited about getting her Hallowed Trousers last time…” In answer to that, I was. At the time I wrote that entry I had not yet decided on, nor even really looked into Tailoring.

Some of you may also be asking “What are you going to do about Alchemy? How can you give up a profession that you’ve spend so much time leveling to 375?” In answer to that query I say, I’m not going to give up Alchemy. I’m going to give up Herbalism. What pray-tell would be the point of that? This is where I get to give my dearly-beloved hubby some props. He’s going to take up herbalism so we can continue to provide our guild with pots, and I get the fan-tabulous gear. Yay hubby!
If you can’t or don’t want to pick up tailoring, the other sets will work fine. Your going to need some serious + healing gear to go with the Hallowed set, but you won’t need as much Sta or Int; the same with the Incarnate set. The Avatar set rocks so when you get there, I’m going to go drool over your armory page because that just seems like so VERY far away, I don’t even want to dream about it.

The moral of the story is:

1)Your gear is VERY important, make informed decisions about it. Do some research, make a wish-list and go get it!

2) Keep your wish-list current and reasonable. There’s no point in grinding endless runs of Ramparts to get one drop and by the time you finally get it there’s something better. If you don’t get something on your list after a reasonable amount of time, find a new better item to try for. There’s also no point in waiting on an item that you can’t wear for 10 levels. Find the happy medium and don’t drive yourself crazy.

3) Help each other out, it makes life much easier.


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3 Comments on “Tailoring vs. Raid Gear”

  1. Kat Says:

    I had PMC Set and Whitemend for all of Kara and Gruul and had to start relying on T4 for SSC and Mag due to stats other than +heal. Like Stam. Dead healer does no healing :). I was very happy I had the PMC set and whitemend becuse the PMC set there is nothing in Kara that rivals it. My whitemend was the first to be replaced 😦 but i keep it around for when I don’t need the stam as much.

  2. Galadria Says:

    Thanks for the input! I’m really digging the PMC set. I have to get the Whitemend patterns to drop or pay for someone else’s nether (which is really painful considering I have 2 in the bank just sitting there) The lack of Stam is kind of depressing, but I’m going to stack a few stam gems and hope that helps enough!

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